Redland Green Bowling Club

Match reports 2019

 Clarence Davy Final Redland 67 GB Britton 79 

This club is going to have to give more respect to its league captain, I walked in wearing (what I thought was a very smart) shirt in a fetching pink colour and that cheeky young whippersnapper Chris Blake, said: "Kev, you look like an overgrown salmon!" and further derogatory comments were made by other Redland members - a note has been taken of all those involved!
This has all avoided me getting around to the game, but there's no reason not to proud of our performance, we were always within 3/4 shots and only at the very end did we fail to get over the line.
Congratulations to GBs on the win in their Centenary year.
We used a total of 20 players in all rounds, so this was a whole club effort, thanks to all who played and played so well.
Thanks to Marek, Dot,and Jim Gregory for support and to Mike White for being on call as reserve.
As this is my last report before I hang up my pen for the winter, a few general comments:

We've had an excellent season, we had a great run in all the cup comps, the NE League guys just missed out on third place and we staved off relegation in the B&D, we were lucky to gain two very competent and experienced bowlers (Stuart Mole and Mike Ingham), while our own "home grown talent" is beginning to show great promise and with many of our "old stagers" playing excellently, I feel we can look forward to next season with much confidence.  

B & D league


The kebab and Thatchers are going down well tonight!

And the best part of the evening was I won £10 off Jason Ovens, who bet me a few weeks ago that Redland would be relegated, just goes to show he knows nothing about bowls!
I'm so happy that with tonights win we have maintained our place inDivision 1, I just wish we wouldn't keep leaving it to the last game to keep my stress levels down!
It was always close throughout and with news "coming over the wire" of Ardagh taking Olveston close it all came down to the final ends....
On Andy "The Special One" Gadd's rink going 13-4 up gave us a great start, they were then unfortunately brought back to only 2 in front, but managed to pull ahead to win 18-13 (nb besides Andy I think that Jim Russell, Stuart and Ted managed to "chuck up" a few good woods!)
Editors Note:  It must be noted at this point that Jim Russell played what was, in my opinion, the "shot of the season" on the 16th end - lying 5 down after some great bowing by GB's - which would have meant going into the last end all square and with the whole game at that stage too close to call, Jim managed to secure shot with his last wood - fantastic bowling Jim!!
On Kev's rink with Gerry, Will and Blakey, who had a particularly good game, it was always close and ended 14-14.
On RKJ's rink with Trev, Calvin and Tony this was the rink which flipped the game, being 6-14 down at 12 ends, and the whole game possibly slipping away pulled a match winning 10 shots over the last 4 ends to finish 16-14 in front.  Well done lads.
PS with "Big Jim Gregory" looking on, we all felt we had to bowl well, and at one point Gerry said to Kev "come the back hand", Jim Gregory, on the bank said "back hand one Kev" and I said blimey I've got 2 number threes on this rink, Jim said "with you at skip Kev you need 2 number threes! 

Once again thanks to all, and let's make it a great season for us and win the Clarence on Sunday.

 Editors Note:  I am sure that all Redland Members will join me in thanking Kevin and Calvin for all of their hard work this season and congratulate them on managing to keep Redland  in the first Division of the B&D League. 

 Clarence Davy semi final Redland 116 Avonmouth 49

After a trying week of slip ups this proved to be an easier win than I might have expected to take the club into the final of the premier Bristol & District competition for only the third time in our history (shows its not easy to do) and Karen, I will rest easy during my Sunday afternoon nap!
I sometimes think that if somebody were to make a film of Redland Green, it should be "Carry-on Bowling", as you never know what comical turn of events is going to happen.
This morning it was one player getting lost and another turning up with no whites, although this time he did turn up at the right venue, no names mentioned, to protect the guilty, but a clue - he is the Chairman's husband! (He was forgiven due to excellent bowling.)
Calvin with Dave Edwards, Mike Ingham and Roger Plant 29-9
RKJ with Trev, Mike Tarr and Stoner 22-22
Jim Russell with Stuart Mole, Ted and Andy 30-8
Kev with Gerry, Will and making a fine debut, Vince Boyle 35-10
Interestingly the rink with our Leamington stars and including the "special one" still didn't manage a bigger win than yours truly (sorry guys-its not often I get the chance to crow).
Final next week against GB Britton, let's win they the whole thing!

Thanks to Dave Sunter for being on stand-by, Jim Gregory for his support and GB Britons for their hospitality.

Editors Note:  The quality of any win must of course be measured by the opposition and after the game I heard that the rink opposite Kev was historically Avonmouth's weakest..... 

Redland Green v Ardagh Thursday 15th August LOST 47-50 2 points 

We all knew this was a game we had to win, but in the second disappointing result of the week, it was not to be. 

Things were looking good and at one point we were 18 shots up, but somehow we conspired to let it slip away, I can't explain it but we keep letting it slip towards the end, we dropped 21 shots over the 3 rinks from end 14 on, if anyone can tell me why this seems to keep happening please let me know!
On Jim Russell's rink with Blakey, Ted and Andy going 12-4 up early on, let the opposition back in but still ran in 15-14 up for a potentially valuable 2 points.
On RKJ's rink with Trevor, Calvin and Stoner going 10-5 up early on, they could not stop Ardagh getting back into the game to end 12-20 down.
On Kev's rink with Gerry, Stuart and Will, another rink which went 10-5 up and again let opponents back in to finish 15-16 down.
Look, the season is not over yet, its going to be tough and everything needs to be right for us next week, but bowls is a funny game!
Let's get ourselves fired up for the Clarence Davey semi final on Sunday - and please all remember it is Whites..........

Redland Green v Greenbank Thursday 8th August WON 49-41 10 points 

This was a game I wasn't looking forward to, it would have been so easy to have slipped up against a team who were languishing at the bottom of the table.
In what was, I think, our first 10 pointer of our season (PS please excuse my facts sometimes being slightly off, after two pints and eating kebab at same time I can get it wrong!)
On Jim's rink with Jim Gregory, Ted and Andy behind at end 7 but then winning 7 out of the remaining 9 ends finished 19-14 up.
On Kev's rink with Gerry, Stuart and Will went in front from the 7th and towards the last few ends it was more "let's protect what we've got" rather than bowling anything fancy and ended 15-14 up.
It was all very close across the board early on but we pulled away towards the middle,and with 2 rinks finished we were 8 up on the game with 2 ends to play on RKJ's rink, with Trev, Calvin and Tony we were all looking on to see if they could secure the 2 points on their rink.
Being 2 up they conceded a shot on the 16th end to be only one up, but managed to gain one on the last end to secure the 2 rink points, it was all a bit stressful......
Again thanks everybody, Ardagh got 6 points so for the first time in many weeks we have moved above them in the League.

2 games to go, 2 to win!

 National Senior Fours Leamington Tuesday 6th August

 Unfortunately the Redland/Gloucester team of Jim Russell, Calvin, Stuart and Andy failed at the last hurdle to beat Kent in the first round of the final stages of this competition.

On what proved to be a tricky rink (especially for Andy who by his own admission had a truly terrible game - it just goes to show that "straight" woods are not always advantageous!) Redland/Gloucester battled from behind to a measure on the final end to potentially force an extra end playoff.  It was a very close and small measure with both Redland/Gloucester and Kent believing that they held the shot.  Luckily the result from the umpire was that Redland held the shot and an extra end shoot-out followed.  Sadly Redland/Gloucester did not win that end...........

It was nevertheless a fantastic achievement for Redland to win the Gloucester section of this competition and all who competed agreed that it would be great to get to Leamington again in the future - good luck lads! 

 Glos 2 rink

Redland 36 Fairford 43
That was an excellent performance against a team containing, arguably 3 or 4 of Glos top players.
My thoughts are, if you can't win at least make them work for it, and at least make it interesting, and it was and becoming exciting towards the end!
On Andy's rink ,with Will, Dave Sunter and Mike Ingham they were in front at 8 ends, then slipped back to be 1 down, unfortunately conceding a 5 on end17 to go 6 behind, looked like we could start going more heavily behind, but we steadied the ship and ended 16-23 behind.
On Calvin's rink with Stuart, mike Tarr and Ted they went into an early lead,11-4 up, but conceding 6 ends were 12-13 down,t hen picking up a 4 on the 19th end,w e were only 7 behind overall, and holding a 3 but the oppositions last wood pinched the shot and ended our chances (PS this rink picked up 2 fours and a 5 -not bad against a rink of this standard).
Good try everyone.
Thanks to Dave Edwards, Mike White and Karen for their support and Karen for the tea and biscuits at the start.

And many thanks to Eric Mitchell, for being on standby as reserve. 

Redland Green v Page Park Home Thursday 1st August WON 62-43 7 points 

This was a game I really wanted us to win and I guess all the team did as well.  It would have been nice to get more points but we matched Ardagh (our closest league opponents) so we are still on schedule and did do our shot difference some good.
On the "super nova" rink of Jim Russell, Jim Gregory, Ted and Andy, picking up 7 on the first end continued to press home their advantage, winning 13 ends to finish 34 -7 up, it must be getting boring for them to win and win well every week!
On RKJ's rink with Trev, Tony and Blakey, whilst being in front at 13 ends, it seemed a bit of
"after the lord mayors show" syndrome (after last nights great rink win) let the opponents creep in to end 11-19 down.
On Calvin's rink (Calvin getting a very late call up to replace Kev) shot ahead to a17 -7 lead on end 13, but Page came strongly back to be 2 behind going into the last end.  We then conspired to be 3 down when Calvin drew a great wood to get third and tie the rink for a point.

We all seemed slightly disappointed but 7 points are very welcome and we are still in with a good chance of staying up. 

Clarence Davy Quarter Final

Redland 76 Willmott 62
What a cracking win this was, Willmott are never an easy team to play and in fact our win was slightly easier than I might have expected.  At 15 ends we were 24 up but at 18 ends they had pegged us back to only 11 in front, at this point its all about "using the ends up", only dropping or picking ones up, no heroics, just steady bowling, and this we did.
Jim Russell with Jim Gregory, Ted and Roger Plant 24 -16
Calvin with Stuart, debutant Steve Ford and Tony Stone 18-23
Kev with Blakey, Dave Singer and Will 17-14
RKJ with Trev, Mike Tarr and Mike Ingham 21-9 and winning 13 ends didn't have to play the last two ends as by this point the win was in the bag.
Once again I go to bed a happy man!

Many thanks to Marek for being on standby as reserve and for the support, once again, of Mike White and Eric Mitchell. 

 County Cup Quarter Final

Redland Green 50 Olveston 59
As we get to the later rounds we are coming up against stronger teams, normally 50 shots might be enough to win over 3 rinks, but against Olveston it proved to not to be, but we really did make them work for their victory and at 16 ends there were only 3 shots in it, but we couldn't flip the game in our favour, the spirit was there but not the shots!
Rinks Jim Russell, Jim Gregory, Ted and Roger Plant 20-17
RKJ,with Trev, Calvin and Blakey 15-22
Kev with Gerry, Stuart and Will 15-20

Thanks all,and onto Willmott tomorrow......


  The longest week ,chapter 4

B & D league

Redland 48 Bristol St Andrews 37 9 points
The end of a good week and of all the games, this was the one I really wanted to win and with Ardagh losing 2-8 this has done our survival prospects the world of good.
Afterwards 6 or 7 of us sat outside having a drink and a laugh,and somebody said "we might not be doing this if we had lost"- quite but if you can't enjoy and have fun when you've won, what's the point in bothering? and when you've gone down, you've got to just take it on the chin!
On RKJ's rink with Trev again stepping up to three, Tony and Blakey, and by consensus Roger putting in a brilliant performance we were always in front, but dropping a 4 on end 13, looked as though the opposition might get the upper hand.  However canny play won the last 3 ends out of 4 including a game changing 5 on the last end and the rink won 16-15.
On Kevin's rink with Gerry, Stuart and Will initially went 8-3 down, but then got on with it and won 10 of the last remaining 11 ends.  (Your esteemed? leader was particularly pleased and proud of the draw he made when we were 5 down on end 16 which put the game back in our favour, and this rink ended 19-9 up.)
On Jim Russell's rink with Jim Gregory, Ted and Andy, they were always behind, and with 3 dead ends, were 6 down with 4 ends to go, but picking up a 5 on end 15, and then a 3 on the last, got a draw and picked up a potentially vital extra point, ending 13-13.
At 14 ends the game was all square, and we've been known for " blowing up" towards the end, but this time we won a total of 10 out of the last 12 ends to record an excellent victory.
Finally thanks to Roger Plant and Eric Mitchell for their support on the evening. 
I go to bed a happy man! 

 The longest week ,chapter 3

Clarence Davy Cup
Red land 96 Fry's 54
When your selectors started the season,they envisioned picking some league teams and a couple of cup teams, until we got knocked out, then they could "swan around" looking important, but unfortunately you crowd have conspired to win games and every week we have protracted phone calls to select teams - the only person who is happy is Roger Jones collecting all the additional match fees!
Seriously though myself, Calvin and Mike Tarr would be happy to do the job morning, noon and night if Redland are having some successful runs.
To the "nitty gritty", a resounding win against likeable opposition......
On RJK's rink with Trev, Mike Tarr and Blakey, going 13-6 up at 12 ends they were then pegged back slightly to be only 1 in front at end 19, but pressed home the advantage to end 21-16.
On Jim Russel's rink with Jim Gregory, Ted and Roger Plant they traded shots early on but then won the last 7 ends on the bounce to prevail 28-9 winners.  (Due to a private arrangement between Ted and Kev, Ted informed Kev he had "4 Touchers on the trot"- sorry Ted, don't believe it!)
On Calvin's rink with Stuart Mole, Dave Edwards and a fresh? off holiday Tony Stone, they started falteringly to go behind 0-11, and could have easily lost heart, but didn't and plugged away to end 13-22 behind.
The deficit here was not so upsetting as on Kevin's rink with Gerry, Mike Ingham and Will going off like a rocket to be 24-0 up after 11 ends, then easing slightly, ran out 34-7 winners

A great result again well done all!

 The longest week ,chapter 2

Lloyd Trophy Redland Green v Canford Won 68-42

The duties of a Redland League Captain are many and varied, including it now seems being a breakdown service to players with broken down cars! (No names no pack drill!)
On paper we should probally have the better of Canford, but they have got some useful players and we have slipped up before, but tonight we did push home our paper advantage but this time on the green.
On RKJ's rink with Calvin, Trev and Blakey, always in front, but drawing level on end 16 picked up a 4 to win 20-16.
On Kevin's rink with Gerry, Stuart and Will, although only being 1 up on end six then "fired up" to go 21-4 up at 12 ends. We were 30 up overall at this point and difficult to keep the pressure up we dropped 12 over the last ends to finish 24-16 in front.
On Jim Rrussel's rink with Jim Gregory, Ted and Roger Plant, picking up a 6 on the third end gave us a great start to the match and they then cruised on to a 24-10 victory.
Thanks to Mike Tarr for once again turning up as reserve and also for his much appreciated support.
That's the first win of the week, on to two more, please!

Editors Note: Blakey, I understand Kev French sells good reliable used cars if you're looking for one that starts! 

NE Knockout Cup Monday 21st July:

The start of a long hard week at the "bowls coalface". 

North East League Cup Redland lost to Kingswood and Hanham.
Unfortunately your "intrepid reporter " didn't quite make it to the game, but the scores were coming over the wire.

Never going to be an easy game and bad luck to everybody and thanks for all who made themselves available, 3 more games for Redland this week, let's hope we can improve on tonight.

Redland Green v Olveston Thursday 18th July LOST 37-53 2 points

The Olveston bowls steam roller carries on, it was always going to be a challenging game against the club who have not lost in the league this season, and 2 points, I think was a reasonable outcome.
On RKJ's rink with Calvin, Trev and Blakey no matter what we did the opposing skip, John Smallwood, did better and having a 3 end slip up midway ended 9-19.
On Jim's rink with Jim Gregory, Ted and Andy, although always behind got back to only 2 down at end 12 but we couldn't get totally back in and ran out 13-22 down.
On Kev's rink with Gerry, Stuart and Will, with this rink seeming to gel again and with the game gone could we get 2 points? We went into the last end 2 up, and with us holding 2 the rink was won - or was it? The last bowl saw the opposition skip kill the end, so we had to suffer a further nerve racking additional final end but eventually got shot to get the 2 points under our belt. 

Our nearest rivals, Ardagh gained 2 points in their league game so once again we matched them.
A busy time next week, so good bowling to everyone.

Glos Cup: Redland Green v GB Britton WON 71-65 

What a cracking win that was, its not often we put one over on GBs but we seem to be on a bit of a roll currently.


On the two Jim's rink with Andy and Ted and after going 6-1 up found themselves 6 shots adrift at 15 ends, but the match was getting increasingly tight and they “battened down the hatches” to end one behind at 19-20.


On RKJ's rink with Calvin, Trev and Blakey things were going less well with the deficit 15 shots at 15 ends, which with Chris having a great game seemed not to reflect our play.  Again we kept plugging away to be only 11 behind at 20 ends but with the opposition skip taking out our shot wood we dropped a 5 to finish 17-33 adrift, although this wasn't of too much concern as by this time the game was almost in the bag.


On Kev's rink with Gerry, Stuart(David Bryant!) Mole and Will it was a much easier task than on the other two. Always in front, Stuart bowling brilliantly and Will and Gerry really on the ball we ended 35-12 up.


At one point Kev was heard to say “As we are holding shots I'm not getting anywhere near the head, so they don’t have anything to wick off of”-yeah, right- no Kev you were just rubbish! But it’s a team game!

Again, great win and onto Olveston in the next round. 

Redland Green v Weston Bath Thursday 11th July WON 57-41 8 points 

A very useful win for us against a team riding high in table, it just goes to show we are capable of actually winning!  
On Jim's rink with Jim Gregory, Ted and Andy yet again putting in a winning performance, although they had a struggle early on and were always behind until picking up a 5 on end 14 and then pressing home their advantage to win 19-11.
On the other two rinks it was very volatile and the only question was wheather the losing rink could be less volatile than the winning rink!
On Calvin's rink with Stuart, Will and Gerry not seeming too have the "rub of green" they were always behind but to their credit when the overall game was tight during the last few ends only dropped 5 singles.
On Kev's rink with Roger Jone, Trev and Blakey it was a different story with Trev and Roger both bowling consistently excellent woods and the rink winning 15 out of the 17 ends and running out 33-5 winners the game was in the bag.
Unfortunately the team just above us in the league (Ardagh) also won, but we are still matching them and we are not down and out yet.

I'd like to add as we are coming into the "business end " of the season that I've been impressed with the team spirit, whilst we have had a difficult time, I've heard no whinging, just getting on with it and any comments about selection always positive and with the good of the team in mind. Thanks everybody..........

Redland Green v Bristol Home Thursday 4th July LOST 42-54 2 points

To lose by 12 shots against Bristol is not a dreadful result, with one rink going a long way behind its easy to lose heart but they plugged away and at 14 ends we were still only 7 down overall, so the game was still in play, unfortunately we could not reduce the deficit.
On Calvin's rink with Stuart, Will and Gerry, the previously turbocharged rink looked like they had "blown a gasket" and even though none of the rink was bowling poorly we just couldn't get into it to end 7-26 behind.
On Jim's rink with Jim Gregory, Ted and Andy once again they were always in front.  What can you say about this lot, clearly doing something right to win again, this time by 21-13.
On Kev's rink with Roger Jones, Trev and Blakey they went 1-8 down but clawed back to go into the last end level.  Unfortunately even with Chris "dapping" one on the opposition managed to sneak the shot and a possible 2 points were just missed, with the rink ending 14- 15 down.
We are beginning to run out of games to start turning things around but with Ardagh just above us we need to keep matching them and give ourselves a chance to get enough points to stave off relegation!
Finally, many thanks to Karen for providing welcome warm pasties and sausage rolls at the end of the game. 

Redland Green v Avonvale Tuesday 2nd July Glos Cup Won 57-47

With Andy Gadd visiting Windsor (perhaps for a audience with the Queen?, perhaps she's thinking of awarding him an honour for services to bowls?!), we were left to struggle on by ourselves and win we did, maybe not as convincingly as we would have liked, but a win is a win.....
On Kev's rink with Roger Jones, Trev and Mike Ingham they were always behind but getting back to only 2 adrift and the rink bowling steadily the opposition skip was having a great game, and Redland went further behind to a final 8 shot deficit.
On Jim's rink with Jim Gregory, Ted and Blakey it was always nip and tuck and Redland were always behind until the last end when Jim drew to make it 3 to Redland and a 16-14 win.  Jim announced "that was only the second good bowl I sent up tonight" but the rest of the rink said they couldn't remember the other one!
At 17 ends we were only 4 up on the game, and things were getting nervy but the third rink were  turbocharged with Calvin skipping, Sturt, Will and Gerry leading and clearly giving the rink a strong foundation.  This rink powered ahead to 13-3 up, then having a slight wobble and dropping a terrible three singles ,then won 6 of the last 9 ends to a great 28-10 win and took the pressure off the other 2 rinks.

Thanks all, onto our Home game against Bristol on Thursday.

 P.S. In this era of "fake news" its been pointed out to me by our resident “fact checker”, Trevor  Knowles, that in my recent report I said “we only just won against SECOND division St Annes Park", he has pointed out they are actually in the THIRD division!  Thanks Trev - that makes me feel a whole lot better!  Kevin.

Redland Green v Willmott Park Away Thursday 27th June LOST 42-61 2 points

Unfortunately the second half of the season has started as poorly as the start of the season (and the last season finished).
Chaps to be frank we are in a bit of a pickle so if anybody has any suggestions or ideas regarding team selection your selectors would be pleased to hear from you......
On Kev's rink with Roger Jones, Trev and Blakey, Redland started slowly and went 7 shots down, managed to respond to go 8-7 up, but then with everyone playing "slightly below par" proceeded to concede 7 consecutive ends, then winning the last few, ended 16-22 behind.
On Gerry's rink with Stuart, Dave and Calvin, Redland were always behind, although at 8 ends were only 3 adrift, but could not get back into it and finished 11-26 down.
On Jim's rink with Jim Gregory, Will and Andy, this rink once again "went off like a rocket" winning the first 7 ends to go 13-1 up (but we can't keep expecting this rink to get us out of trouble).  Willmott Park then staged a comeback but this rink still held it together to win 15- 13 and get 2 valuable points.
Interestingly we were 3 up overall at 8 ends, but out of the remaining 27 ends across the board we lost 19 of them, something to think on!

Lloyd Trophy Away St Anne's Park Wednesday 25th June WON 60-48

The fact is that on paper we should be recording a win against a second division club and in the end it was not quite as convincing as we would have liked, but win we did and as they say you can only "beat what's in front of you".
On Kevin's rink with Roger Jones, Trev and Blakey leading, they began well going 12-4 up but as the game went on and letting the opposition back in managed to sneak in front to end 16-12 winners.

On Gerry's rink with Calvin, Stuart and Ted after a stuttering start they pulled back to 7-12 down, but then proceeded to "stutter" again and ended adrift 11-28.
At 8 ends we were 15 up overall but this reduced to a lead of only 2 at one point!
On Jim Russel's rink with Jim Gregory, Will and "The Special One"* (who admittedly had a very good game but confessed at the end of the match that there was a very straight hand on his rink which suited his straight woods and that it is ultimately a team game) once again winning a remarkable 13 ends out of 17 ends overall went 16-5 up (and as we all know its easy to "ease off the throttle" when getting in front) but kept up the high standard of bowling when the game was so close pushing on to end 33-8 winners......

Well done all and on to Willmott on Thursday

*Andy Gadd! 

Redland Green "B" v G B Britton 2 Rink Home Saturday 22nd June WON 47-42

On one of the few occasions over the last years that we have actually had the interest to raise a "B" Team and with a whole club combination of the B&D "leftovers" and usual N. East players we managed an excellent win.

On Calvin's rink with Stuart Mole, Mike Tarr and Ted Farrant they traded the lead all through the game and whilst losing the last three ends by this time the game was almost won and the rink ended 15-20 down.

On the "Special One's" (Andy Gadd) rink with Will, Dave Sunter and Mike Ingham after going 2-10 down early on they managed to pick up a 5 and 6 on consecutive ends to go 19-11 up and then gaining a further two 4's they focused on protecting Redland's lead on the final ends finishing the game a comfortable 32-22 up.

 Well done all and on to Round 2 at Home to Frampton or Bishops Cleeve. 

Redland Green v G B Britton Away Thursday 20th June LOST 24.75-60 1 point 

Now when you play any team, especially one of the leading teams in the league, foremost it is essential to put out the strongest team available. Even more importantly it is a necessary to have a FULL side. Unfortunately this wasn't the case tonight as one of our members seemed to confuse Olveston  with G B Britton and turned right as he left home, rather than left. Even more surprising was that he confirmed the game with Kevin only the day before!! I won't embarrass him further by naming him publicly other than to say his wife is the club chairman!!!!

For the record Tony, Trevor, Roger J and Kevin battled gamely to pull back a 3 on the final end to take a well deserved point, 14-14, which could be all important at the end of the season. 

Chris, Dave and the two Jim's succumbed 7-20 with Andy skipping Stuart and Calvin to a 5 (adjusted down to 3.75!) - 26 defeat. It must also be mentioned that the "stand-in" skip for Gerry (whoops!!) also came unprepared bringing only 2 woods with him which restricted him to that position. 

Unfortunately not a particularly successful night overall! We move on. 


Redland v Ardagh Away Thursday 13th June WON 45-37 8 points

Our second win in consecutive weeks and we did need to win this one to nibble back some points on the team just above us in the league. It's never easy to get a win at Ardagh, but perhaps news of Redland's demise is much exaggerated!
Jim's "Mike Tyson " rink with Jim Gregory, Dave Edwards and Chris Blake proceeded to beat the opposition into a pulp, winning 13 out of 17 ends and ending 28-6 in front, for the second week on the trot, A huge score which gives the team a real chance

Gerry's rink with Calvin, Will and Ted, once again came up against the opponents strongest skip, and ran out 10-21 adrift.
Kev's rink, with Roger J. Trevor and Stuart Mole were always in front, but dropping a 4 on end 13 to put the pressure by reducing their lead to only 1 shot. At this point the overall game seemed to be won but importantly we needed to secure the 2 points on this rink, and scoring on all the last 4 ends to end 17 -10 this was achieved.
Chaps,let's keep these winning ways going.
P.s Thanks to Tony Stone, who whilst there was some question about him returning in time from a hospital appointment had the best interests of the club at heart and made the effort to play for the NE league team (well done as well- 8 pts), with thanks also to Wendy for being Tony's back up in case of need.


Redland v Olveston:  Top Club Saturday 8th June Lost 2-3

If we had won tonight our plan was to hit the fleshpots of Thornbury and the techno clubs of Aust!!  Unfortunately it was not to be.....
In the two woods Andy got us off to a great start by winning a huge 14 ends out of 16.
Pairs with Kev and Roger Jones, whilst never dropping a big count but the opposition relentlessly winning end after end, this discipline was lost early on.
In the fours Jim Russell with Jim Gregory, Dave Edwards and Tony Stone were always behind and falling away towards the end also finished down.
It was better news in the triples where Gerry, Calvin and Sturt Mole went in front from end 7 and were destined to win.
So that left the singles with Chris Blake and what a game it was!  Chris behind 7-16 but not phased by the on looking crowd fought back to 18-20 and was holding 2 shots when his opponent (John Smallwood, Middleton Cup Skip) came with his last wood to draw the winner.......
In the end it was what a game of bowls should be, interesting and absorbing until the very last wood.

Olveston are arguably the best team in the area and we made them work hard for their win, so we shouldn't be too disappointed at the outcome.  

 B&D League Home v Greenbank Thursday 6th June Won 53-43 6pts

Well our first win of the season but only getting six points I have the feeling Greenbank would be happier with the result than us!
On Jim Russel's rink, Jim Gregory, Dave Edwards and Andy, had a storming result winning 31- 3 .  They won a remarkable 13 ends on the trot!  Being the guy Jim Russell is he remarked that all the luck they missed on the first 6 games was related in this game, sportsmanly comment Jim but winning this convincingly cannot all be down to luck!
It was a good job Jim's rink was performing as on Kev's rink with Roger Jones, Trev and Tony Stone they conspired to cancel out Jim's high scoring by proceeding to go 2-16 down then eventually starting to perform ended 11-21 behind.
On Gerry's rink with Calvin, Will and Ted Farrant winning 8 out of the first 12 ends saw them go 10-5 up and at this point the game was won but we needed to try to get the extra 2 points.  We seemed to do the common Redland thing of slipping away at the end and this rink unfortunately ended 11-19 adrift.
On reflection a bit disappointing, although 6 points are very welcome, its a win so let's take some pleasure in that.
(Editors Note:  There was on the evening a wrong bias at a crucial stage of the game - no names no pack drill but it was from a player who with his experience one would not of thought such a thing possible.......please no wrong bias bowls in the future?)

Glos 2 Rink "A" v Ardagh Home Lost 32-41

Tony Stone, Trevor Knowles, Roger Jones, Kevin French Lost 20-22

Chris Blake, Gerry Wickham, Jim Gregory, Jim Russell Lost 12-19

No Report - Nothing to add.............. 

B&D League Away v Page Park Thursday 30th May Lost 30-45 2pts 

Don't know what to say chaps, we just can't seem to get a win, clearly we haven't all turned into poor bowlers but its not going to plan at the moment.
At 13 ends we were 7 down, so still all to play for but once again dropping ends on two rinks left us adrift.
On Gerry's rink with Dave ,Ted and Will Carter (making his B&D season debut), it was not to be a happy baptism for him with the rink, against a strong opposition skip, losing 7-22.
On Jim's rink with Jim Gregory ,Stuart and Andy and the opposition lead seeming to have straighter woods than Andy's! always behind until end 15 looked as though 2 points were possible, unfortunately the last 2 ends were lost and we finished 10-14 down.
On Kev's rink with Roger Jones, Trev and Tony and once again Tony and Trev having really good games, behind until the 12th the end, and with sensible discussion about protecting just one shot here and there and not trying to be "too clever", they ground out a win on 5 of the last 6 ends and ran out 13-9 winners.

All I can actually say is that its a long old season and things can change, just stick with it.

 B&D League Home v St Andrew's Thursday 23rd May Lost 40-47 3pts 

The subject of today's sermon is "plugging away".....
On Gerry's rink with Calvin, Dave Edwards and Chris Blake they went off like a rocket to go 10-3 up, but St Andrews' "plugged away" and winning the last 9 ends on the trot prevailed 11-20.  Our guys clearly were bowling well but things didn't seem to go our way?
On the rink with the two Jim's, Stuart Mole and Andy they were always behind but "plugged away" to just sneak in front to win 15-14.
On Kev's rink with Roger Jones, Trev and a returning Tony Stone again always behind until the 15th end, they "plugged away".  Going into the last end 1 down with the last wood Kev hit the jack back for a measure for a possible 2 shots.  Unfortunately our second wood was half an inch out, so the rink was  tied.
That's an example of how things aren't quite going our way at the moment, all we can do is keep plugging away and try to get a few wins under our belt. 

B&D League Away v Olveston Thursday 16th May Lost 36-54 2pts 

Two points away at Olveston is not such a bad outcome, but in reality a rink losing by 15 is probably too much of a deficit to overcome.  
This rink was your Captain's with Roger Jones, Roger Plant and making his B&D debut Mike Ingham.  Coming back from a slow start and being 4-8 down at 8 ends, but dropping 6 ends on the trot this rink ended 5-15 down.
On Gerry's rink with Calvin, Dave Edwards and Chris Blake, starting poorly to go 2-8 behind they fought back to be in front at 12 ends but conceding 4 out of the last 6 ends finished 13-19 adrift.
The bright point was Jim Russell with Jim Gregory and second B&D debutant Stuart Mole plus Andy Gadd. This rink had a clearly strongly competive game, were always in front and finished 18 -15 up getting us a valuable 2 points.
At 10 ends we were only 1 shot behind and only one 4 was dropped, so we were not totally outplayed,we just need to push on a bit in future to get onto winning ways.

We've had a tough fixture list so far playing the top 3 teams in our first 4 games, but now we get to the "nitty gritty" so heads down and try to get a few wins under our belt! 


B&D League Home v Weston Bath Thursday 9th May Lost 40-47 4pts

In reality this was a game we should be aiming to win and over half way through we were on course to do so leading by 9 shots on 12 ends.  Unfortunately we then proceeded to concede 21 shots across the rinks on the next 4 ends!

On Jim Russel's rink, Jim Gregory, Calvin and Chris after going 4 up were battered by the opposing lead's superb bowling and dropped 9 ends on the bounce ending 8-21 down.

On Kevin's rink, Roger Jones,Trev and Tony produced a solid performance which resulted in a 15-10 win.
On Gerry's rink, Andy, Dave and Roger Plant were always in front but stuttering slightly in the run-in meant going into the last end 1 shot down.  Gerry had the last wood with Redland lying 2 down and after discussion with Andy the "percentage shot" was played, and whilst slightly fortunate (the bowling Gods can be fickle) we gained 2 shots to run out 1 shot ahead.
It's one of those where I don't know whether to be pleased or upset.  I suppose 4 points is not too shabby but 8 would have been so much better.......  In future we really do need to concentrate and press home any advantage we have.

Onto Olveston Away next week-they're not getting any easier!  

B&D League Away v Bristol Thursday 2nd May Lost 27-59 0pts

In what was always going to be a tough game,with Bristol fielding 4 new "signings" of a high standard, this proved to be a bit too strong for us.


On Calvin's rink with Andy, (playing under the challenge of a head cold, which he told everyone about - he really is a brave little soldier!), Dave Edwards and Roger Plant, a nervous start led to us going 11-1 behind and never being able to get back in, although we did win 7 ends to finish 11-21 down.


On Kev's rink with Roger Jones, Trev and Tony Stone and only being 4 adrift at 12 ends, losing the last 5 ends on the trot we ended 8 -20 behind.


On Jim Russel's rink with Jim Gregory, Colin Sara and Chris Blake a spirited performance led to us being only 3 behind at 13 ends, but we couldn't keep the fight up against a strong Bristol rink and finished 8-18 down.


Interestingly we didn't drop more than a 4 on any rink, so its clear we were never totally out bowled, we just need to win a few more ends and when we lose ends try to limit them to 1's and 2's if possible.

Not the best of starts but two really tough games out of the way and onto next week against Weston Bath at home.  (Bring on the pasties Karen!!)


B&D League Home v Willmott Park Thursday 25th April Lost 47-49 2pts

 After quietly remembering our much missed friend Dave Longley, we got on with playing our bowls , which is I'm sure, what Dave would have wished.

Here we go again, new season and all to play for!

The opening game against Willmott Park was never going to be easy and the reports of an exodous of players proved to be "fake news"

On Kevin French’s rink with Roger Jones, Trevor Knowles and Tony Stone trading shots early on they were 5 up at 10 ends, however a mid game wobble, led to losing 4 ends on the trot and enabled the opposition to pull in front to end 12-17 down.On Gerry's rink with Calvin, Dave Edwards and Ted Farrant, a shaky start led to a nine shot deficit at 6 ends, but then solid bowling produced a run of 7 winning ends out of the last 11 to end behind 13 15.Meanwhile on Jim Russell’s rink with Jim Gregory, Colin Sara and Chris Blake again a shaky start put them behind at 8 ends, but solid play and picking up a 4 and a 5 enabled us to pick up 2 points in a 22 17 win.

In fact whilst always behind all through we went into the last end level, and at one point both Jim ‘s rink and Kevin's holding 5 shots the match was up for the taking, but with both conceding one shot on the last end it was not to be.

I suppose slightly disappointing really, but we did fight back, and we did end up close, these early season games are always trying, no need to be despondent on our first outing.

Pie and pasty report ;Karen did an excellent job on standing in for dear old Dave in providing the "eats", thanks !