Redland Green Bowling Club

FINAL HURRAH - Results    FINAL SUNDAY 27th at 2p.m. B v G

TEAM Games played set 1 set 2 set 3 pts total shots
B 2 15 14 20 9 49
G 2 11 6 15 6 32
A 2 9 11 14 5 34
D 2 8 6 13 5 27
E 2 12 7 8 5 27
K 2 10 13 4 5 27
H 2 8 12 4 4 24
C 2 8 6 7 3.5 21
F 2 10 6 6 2.5 22


Final Hurrah- fixed triples (that's the mat- not the draw)!



Think        HANDS     FACE        SPACE  

Remember to wash your hands/sanitise them before & after playing, stay 2 metres apart and avoid physical contact : Do not attend if feeling unwell.


Covid Rules

Please come ready to play (except shoes)

Only one skip per rink to touch scoreboard

One designated pusher user each end per rink only.

Rinks will be set out/marked out in readiness, and taken in by the same person


Teams of 3 playing, each playing 3 sets of 5 ends each


A possible final on Sunday 27th,if all players involved are available and agree.


Groups to be allocated by the usual complex computer algorithm


The first set will be a medium length fixed jack

The second set will be a short length fixed jack

The third set will be a long, fixed jack


Each player to play at skip position once.

1 point for each set won and 2 points for the overall win

1/2 point for a tied set and 1 point each if game tied.

If level on points, shot total will apply.


Mats will be set at minimum length, one skip only to touch/place and replace jack (Rinks will be marked for jack placements)


Leave mats in place for first 2 sets and only 1 player to remove/ set (touch) mat in the last set, that is the long jack set


Toss for last wood to start (Mat and Jack will be placed )  , the winner of the set has first wood in the next set.



No visiting the head 


Updated 18th September


Team Captain

TEAM Sat 19th Wed 23rd Sat 26th
Jim Russell Vince Boyle Nigel Rushmer A Y N Y
Andy Gadd Mike White George Dyer B Y Y N
Kev French Steve Ford Peter Braunton C Y N Y
Calvin Schlaepfer Mike Tarr Roger Jacob D Y N Y
Linda Maddison Steve Morris Nick Hunt E Y Y N
Wendy Gardner Jake Peggs Marek Hola F N Y Y
Will Carter Karen Schlaepfer Colin Sara G N Y Y
Roger Jones Maggie Glastonbury Bob Stone H N Y Y
Dave Edwards Roger Plant Dot Smith K Y Y N


Pairs final  THURSDAY 17th at 5:15 p.m.

Team B v Team D   TEAM B won


  UPDATED 12/9/2020

 B  3     97       90      7 1    8
 C 3     75       85      5 0    6 
 A 3     87       84      5 1    4

 D 3      71      67    7 18
 F 3      79     67    6 08
 E 3      67     83    4 12



Amended 27/8/2020
Thursday  Saturday
Jim  Russell Andy Gadd
Karen Schlaepfer Mike White
Dave Sunter Colin Sara
Roger  Plant Phil  Bunker
Calvin Schlaepfer Dave  Edwards
Will Carter Wendy  Gardner
Maggie Glastonbury Steve Morris
George  Dyer Bob Stone
Roger   Jones  Stuart Mole
Linda Maddison Vince Boyle
Marek Hola Jake Peggs
Dot Smith Roger  Jacob
Reserves Reserves
Trevor Liz
Steve F Steve F
Kev Kev





A-Nick Hunt and Gavin Saunders 

B-Terry Herbert and David Shufflebotham

C- Nigel Rushmer and Richard Lightfoot

D -  Mark Powell and Gavin Ford

E -  Jon Emmerson and John Barrett

F - Rob Byett and Simon Moore  


updated Tuesday 22nd September


 TEAM D 28 42
 TEAM B 23 26
 TEAM A 23 24
 TEAM F 22 26
 TEAM E 20  26
 TEAM C 15 25


HI 5 GRAND FINAL 9th September @17:30   

TEAM A won the pairs by one shot and TEAM E won the triples by 3 shots , so , the overall winner is TEAM E

High 5 competition 2020 

RESULTS updated 9th Sept

TEAM E won the triples and Team A won the pairs , overall TEAM E won by 2 shots  


 Team GamesPairs     Pts  TriplesPts shots for  shots against total pts
 A  4103- 38 865-39 8 168 77 16
 C 469-64 342-49 4 111 113 7
 B  432-102140-590 72 161


 E 464-42 6 55-50 5 119 9211
 F  434-56 2 55-31 589 87 7
 D 449-49434-63 2 59 83 6
Thursday teams
Dates Thursdays
A C July  16th  A v C
Jim  Russell Roger Jones Calvin Schlaepfer July 23rd B v C
Wendy Gardner Will Carter Linda Maddison July  30th  A v B
Mike White Maggie Glastonbury Steve Ford Aug 6th C v A
Steve Morris Roger Plant Mike Tarr Aug 13th C v B
Jake Peggs Phil Bunker Roger Jacob Aug 20th B v A
Saturday teams 
Dates Saturdays 
D E F July  18th F v E
Trevor Knowles Jim Gregory Kevin French July 25th F v D
Karen Schlaepfer George Dyer Dot Smith Aug 1st D v E
David Sunter Stuart Mole Dave Edwards Aug 8th E v F
Colin Sara Vince Boyle Marek Hola Aug 15th D v F
Liz Stockdale Bob Stone Eric Mitchell Aug 22nd E v D