Redland Green Bowling Club

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Date Day  Time Opposition V Rks  
29-Apr Thu 18.00 B & D   Weston (Bath) H 3  
29-Apr Thu 18.00 NE GB BRITTON C postponed        A 3  
03-May Mon   TRY-OUTs (AFTERNOON)      
06-May Thu 18.00 B & D   Yate A A 3  
06-May Thu 18.00 NE BRISTOL OMNIBUS H 3  
07-May Fri 18.00 LL City and Port of Bristol A 2  
12-May Wed 18.00 LL Henleaze B H 2  
13-May Thu 18.00 NE BRISTOL St ANDREWS C    A 3  
13-May Thu 18.00 B & D Knowle A cancelled H 3  
20-May Thu 18.00 B & D    Olveston A 3  
20-May Thu 18.00 NE BRISTOL GREENBANK         H 3  
21-May Fri 18.00 LL Begbrook A 2  
26-May Wed 18.00 LL Page Park A H 2  
27-May Thu 18.00 B & D   St Andrews A H 3  
27-May Thu 18.00 NE BRISTOL ARROW          A 3  
02-Jun Wed 18.00 LL Olveston B A 2  
03-Jun Thu 18.00 B & D     Page Park A A 3  
03-Jun Thu 18.00 NE    BAC       H 3  
09-Jun Wed 18.00 LL Greenbank H 2  
10-Jun Thu 18.00 B & D  Bristol A H 3  
10-Jun Thu 18.00 NE PAGE PARK SPORTS         A 3  
15-Jun Tue   Lloyd Trophy-Avonmouth A 3  
16-Jun Wed 18.00 LL Canford H 2  
17-Jun Thu 18.00 B & D   Willmott Park A A 3  
17-Jun Thu 18.00 NE   AVONVALE      H 3  
21-Jun Mon   End of Restrictions      
23-Jun Wed 18.00 LL City and Port of Bristol H 2  
24-Jun Thu 18.00 B & D   GB Britton A 3  
24-Jun Thu 18.00 NE K'WOOD &HANHAM B H 3  
29-Jun Tue   Lloyd Tropy R2 A 3  
29-Jun Tue   NE league Cup (St George) H 3  
30-Jun Wed 18.00 LL Henleaze B A 2  
01-Jul Thu 18.00 B & D    Weston (Bath) A 3  
01-Jul Thu 18.00 NE     GB BRITTON C     H 3  
07-Jul Wed 18.00 LL Begbrook H 2  
08-Jul Thu 18.00 B & D    Yate A H 3  
08-Jul Thu 18.00 NE BRISTOL OMNIBUS           A 3  
14-Jul Wed 18.00 L LPage Park A A 2  
15-Jul Thu 18.00 B & D    Knowle A A 3  
15-Jul Thu 18.00 NE St ANDREWS C   H 3  
20-Jul Tue   Glos challenge cup H    
21-Jul Wed 18.00 LL Olveston B H 2  
22-Jul Thu 18.00 B & D  Olveston H 3  
22-Jul Thu 18.00 NE BRISTOL GREENBANK       A 3  
27-Jul Tue   Lloyd Trophy R 3 A 3  
27-Jul Tue   Lloyd Trophy  R3 A 3  
28-Jul Wed   Clarence Davey R1 H 3  
29-Jul Thu 18.00 B & D  St Andrews A 3  
29-Jul Thu 18.00 NE BRISTOL ARROW      H 3  
30-Jul Fri 18.00 LL Greenbank A 2  
05-Aug Thu 18.00 B & D    Page Park A H 3  
05-Aug Thu 18.00 NE BAC             A 3  
06-Aug Fri 18.00 LL Canford A 2  
10-Aug Tue   Lloyd trophy semi finals   3  
11-Aug Wed   Clarence Davey R2 A 3  
12-Aug Thu 18.00 B & D  Bristol A A 3  
12-Aug Thu 18.00 NE PAGE PARK SPORTS          H 3  
18-Aug Wed   Clarence Davey SF A 3  
19-Aug Thu 18.00 B & D    Willmott Park A H 3  
19-Aug Thu 18.00 NE AVONVALE       A 3  
26-Aug Thu 18.00 B & D   GB Britton H 3  
26-Aug Thu 18.00 NE K'WOOD & HANHAM B A 3  
28-Aug Sat   Clarence Davey F   3  
15-Sep Wed 18:30 floodlit BS St Andrews A 2  
20-Sep Mon 18:30 floodlit Page Park A 2  
24-Sep Fri 18:30 floodlit Ardagh A A 2  
30-Sep Thu 18:30 floodlit Olveston A 2  
05-Oct Tue 18:30 floodlit GBB A 2  


Cup Fixtures -


Lloyd Trophy R1 AWAY  Avonmouth  15th June Tue
R2 AWAY  29th June Tue
R3 AWAY  27th July Tue
SF 10th Aug
F 11th Sept
Clarence  prelim round Tuesday 19th July not playing
R1 HOME  Arrow OR 28th July Wed
Davey Victoria Park
R2 AWAY 11th Aug Wed
SF 18th Aug Wed
F 28th Aug Sun
NE League
prelim round Tuesday 15th June not playing
R1 Home  Bs St George 29th June Tue
R2 AWAY  27th July Tue
SF @Page park 10th Aug Tue
F @Greenbank 22nd Aug Sun
Glos challenge 
Cup R1 home GBB 20th July Tue


Glos 2 rink v Fairford

 League Tables

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