Redland Green Bowling Club

North East League fixtures 2017


Datedaytime a/hrinksResultPoints
27.04.17Thurs18:00G.B.BrittonH3  44-59    2
04.05.17Thurs18:00Page Park SportsA3  53-47    8
11.05.17Thurs18:00Bradley StokeH3  45-42    6
18.05.17Thurs18:00Bristol St GeorgeA3  49-38    8
23.05.17Tues18:00NECup pre v Br Arrow A3  
25.05.17Thurs18:00AvonvaleH3   37-58    0
01.06.17Thurs18:00SLAT (St Annes Park)A3  38-53    9
06.06.17Tues19:00NECup R2H   
08.06.17Thurs18:00BACH3   52-45    8
15.06.17Thurs18:00Kingswood & HanhamA3   36-64   10
22.06.17Thurs18:00Eastvillians&Whitehall A3  
29.06.17Thurs18:00G .B. Britton CA3  
06.07.17Thurs18:00Page Park Sports H3  
13.07.17Thurs18:00Bradley StokeA3  
20.07.17Thurs18:00Bristol St GeorgeH3  
03.08.17Thurs18:00SLAT (St Annes Park)H3  
10.08.17Thurs18:00BAC A3  
20.08.17Sun10:00NE LEAGUE CUP FINAL 3  
24.08.17Thurs18:00Eastvillians&Whitehall H3  






2017 Cup Fixtures

Datedaytime a/hrinksResult
21.05.17Sun10:00Prelim play by date 2Rink " B" v Falcon BA2  
30.05.17Tues18:00NECup R1 vBradlley StokeH3  
30.05.17Tues18:00B&D Lloyd R2 PagePk or BristolA3  
11.06.17Sun10:002rink R1 play by"B"Home   and"A" v Frampton "A"A2  
07.07.17FRI00:00CD R2 or PLATE R1 4  
14.07.17Fri18:00CD R3 or PLATER2 4  
27.07.17Tues 18:00Glos.Cup R1 v  CanfordA3  
30.07.17Sun SF & F Glos 2woodA   
13.08.17Sun10:00Glos.Cup section finalA3  

Bristol & District League fixtures 2017


Datedaytime a/hrinksResultPoints
27.04.17Thurs18:00B&D Br St AndrewsA3   37-60       1
04.05.17Thurs18:00B&D KeynshamH3   59-45     10
11.05.17 Thurs18:00B&D Br Greenbank A A3   26-56       0
18.05.17Thurs18:00B&D Bristol AH3   43-58       2
23.05.17Tues18:00B&D Cup  R1 ByeA3    Lost 
25.05.17Thurs18:00B&D G.B.BrittonA3   36-46       2
01.06.17Thurs18:00B&D Knowle AH3   61-38      10
08.06.17Thurs18:00B&D OlvestonA3   36-60       2
15.06.17Thurs18:00B&D Willmott ParkH3   44-49       4
22.06.17Thurs18:00B&D Yate AH3   57-46       8
29.06.17Thurs18:00B&D Br St Andrews H3  
06.07.17Thurs18:00B&D Keynsham AA3  
20.07.17Thurs18:00B&D Bristol AA3  
27.07.17Thurs18:00B&D G.B.BrittonH3  
03.08.17Thurs18:00B&D Knowle A A3  
10.08.17Thurs18:00B&D OlvestonH3  
17.08.17Thurs18:00B&D Willmott ParkA3  
24.08.17Thurs18:00B&D Yate AA3  
13.07.17Thurs18:00B&D Br Greenbank AH3  





                                       League Tables

Bristol & District League results/tables can be found at:

North East League results/tables can be found at:




                         Bristol & District League fixtures 2016


Division 2 Bristol & District League 

All fixtures are Thursday's except where indicated. All 6.15pm starts.

 Apr 28th     A v Avonmouth   Lost (0 pts)

 Weds May 4th A v Bristol Greenbank. TOP CLUB Won

 May 5th      H v Knowle B  Won (8 pts)

 Tues May 10th  A v Bristol Greenbank   Lloyd Trophy 1st round   Lost

 May 12th    A v Canford  Won (9 pts)

 May 19th    H v Frys    Lost (4 pts)

 May 22nd     Away  Redland 'A' v Cam Mills Glos 2 rink Prelim round - conceded by Redland

 May 26th    A v Long Ashton  Won (9 pts)

 May 29th   Home Redland 'B'  v Br St George Glos 2 Rink Prelim round 10.15am Won 49-28

 June 2nd    H v Avonvale    Won (10 pts) 

 June 7th   A v G B Britton Top Club.   Lost

 June 9th    A v Knowle A    Lost (0 pts)

 June 12th  A v Wotton U Edge Glos 2 Rink  Won

 June 16th  H v Page Park A  Won (8 pts)

 Friday June 17th A v G B Britton  Clarence Davey Round 2 . Won

  June 23rd  H v Ardagh  Lost (2 pts)

 Sun June 26th  A v Stroud   Glos 2 Rink - Lost

 June 30th  H v Avonmouth  Won (8 pts)

 July 7th     A v Knowle B  Won (10 pts)

July 8th H v Canford Clarence Davey R3 . Won

 July 14th   H v Canford  Won (10 pts)

 Tues July 20th  H v Kingswood & Hanham or Avonvale  Glos Cup Round 1 - Lost

 July 21st   A v Frys  Won (8 pts)

 July 24   Clarence Davey. Semi Final  A v Br St Andrews @ Br Greenbank- Lost

 July 28th   H v Long Ashton  Won (8 pts)

 Aug 4th     A v Avonvale      Won (8 pts)     

 Aug 11th    H v Knowle A     Lost (2 pts) 

 Aug 18th   A v Page Park A   Won (8 pts)     

 Aug 25th   A v Ardagh           Won (8 pts)  League Runners-up.





                           North East League fixtures 2016


North East Bristol League

All fixtures are Thursday's except where indicated. All 6.30pm (unless indicated)

 Apr 28th     H v Bristol St Andrews  6.15pm  Lost (0pts)

 May 5th      A v BAC                          6.15pm  Conceded by BAC. (10pts)

 May 12th    H v Bradley Stoke          6.15pm Won (8pts)

 May 19th    A v Bristol Omnibus  Lost (4 pts)

 May 26th    H v G B Britton C      Won (8 pts)

 June 2nd    A v SLAT (St Annes Park)  Won (10 pts)

 June 9th    H v Page Park Sports     Lost (2pts)

 June 16th  A v Eastvillians  Won (10pts)

 Tues June 21st  A v BAC  NEL Cup 2nd Round    Won  

 June 23rd  A v Whitehall  Won (6 pts)

 June 30th  A v Bristol St Andrews  Lost (2pts)

 July 7th     H v BAC  Won (8pts)

 July 14th   A v Bradley Stoke Won (8 pts)

 Tues July 19th  A v Bristol Arrow NEL Cup Qtr Final - Lost

 July 21st   H v Bristol Omnibus Lost (4 pts)

 July 28th   A v G B Britton C  Lost (2 pts)

 Aug 4th     H v SLAT   (St Annes Park)  Won (8 pts)      

 Aug 11th    A v Page Park Sports     Lost (2 pts)

 Aug 18th   H v Eastvillians              Lost (4 pts)

 Aug 25th   H v Whitehall                 Won (10 pts)

  Final League position -3rd