Redland Green Bowling Club


Ladies Singles 2 wood 2017. 21 ends

Play by dates

 Semi finals
 Final   Sept


  Karen Karen Schlaepfer


  Dot BEAT


 Jean  Jean Wickham


 Wendy (on extra end)

Ladies Pairs 2017:

Wendy and Yvonne BEAT Karen and Linda on extra end

played on Sunday 3rd Sept


Ladies Singles 4 woods 21 shots 2017

   Semi finals
 Final played 8th Sept


Jean Wickham
 Linda Maddison

 on the last end by one shot


Ladies Pairs:      2017Wendy Gardnerand Yvonne Grose 2016 Elaine Lewis & Yvonne Grose                           2015- Linda Maddison & Wendy Gardner                                            2014- Margaret Billings and Abi Kirby                                                 

Target competition: 2014- Elaine Lewis

Lady Singles Championship: 2016 ~Jenny Richards                                            2015- Jean Wickham                                                                        2014 Elaine Lewis                                                                              2013- Brenda Bird

Rosebowl: 2014- Linda Maddison


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Two Wood:    2016 - Wendy Gardner                                             2015 - Elaine Lewis                                                                          2014 Elaine Lewis                                                                               2013- Elaine Lewis                        

Mixed Pairs 2014  Steve Bird & Judy Tattersall (Runners -up  J Wickham & J Gregory         Colts 2015: Dot Smith                                                            June Silverthorne Cup 2014 : Abi Kirby