Redland Green Bowling Club

You can find us at the link below,175076&st=4&ar=y&mapp=map.srf&searchp=ids.srf&dn=751&ax=358011&ay=175076&lm=0

 or on Google Maps using postcode BS6 7HE

There are two entrances to the Club - both in Redland Green Road

There is a shared vehicle /pedestrian access opposite the corner of the churchyard , and adjacent to the entrance to Redland Tennis Club car park. It goes towards the playground and Redland Green Farm and allotments.  Please drive slowly. The first set of gates on the right [about 50 metres from the road]  is the entrance to our car park.

There is  pedestrian access on the bottom corner of the Green , opposite no 8 Redland Green Road. 

We are in the Redland Residents Parking Zone

 MON - FRI  0900 to 1700

The charging hours are ONLY Monday to Friday between 09.00 hrs and 17.00hrs [9am to 5 pm]

30 minutes FREE parking is always available during these times with a FREE ticket from the ticket machines. ie in the evenings you can park from 4.30 pm with a free ticket .



Parking is free and unrestricted outside of the hours given above, and free on Saturdays , Sundays and Bank Holidays i.e you can park in ANY bays .

This means if you are coming to the Club for an evening or weekend match you are unaffected by any parking restrictions


We have a supply of parking permits which enable you to park for free in any spaces at any time Please ask at the Club bar. 

 Please car share where possible

Please contact any of the club officers if you need further information