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 2015 reports

Thursday August 20th  Bristol & District League Away v Ardagh Lost 40-56 (2 pts)The final shoot out for 3rd/4th position found us always chasing the game, although at 14 ends we were only trailing by 8 shots across the board, but it was not to be! Jim finished off in style with a winning rink always being in charge. Kevin's rink were 5-5 at 7 ends and proceeded to loose 6 ends on the trot and never got back into contention. The captain's rink were always behind but made a valiant effort for respectability fighting back from 4-19. A disappointing run at the end of the season but with a very respectable mid-season saw us finish in a solid challenging position in the top half of the table. 

 Lead Dave Longley Roger Plant Colin Sara
 No 2 Ted Farrant Peter Goad Ian Anderson
 No 3 Jim Gregory Steve Bird Calvin Schlaepfer
 Skip Jim Russell Kevin French Roger Jones
  W 21-13 L 8-21  L 11-22
  Thursday 20th August Bristol Ladies League v Portishead RBL "B" The last match of the League was against a Team who were top of the league in an unassailable position.  Elaine's rink, Sonnette, Yvonne, and Jenny were outclassed at the start being 6-14 down at 12 ends.  Team spirit prevailed and Redland Green won the remaining 5 ends to go into the final end at 14-all.  A nailbiting finish  with Redland Green winning by 2 shots, so 2 points to Redland Green. Jean's rink, Linda, Wendy, and Brenda were even more outclassed, being stuck on 3 for 6 ends while Portishead surged ahead to 15!  Whenever they held shot the opposition three and skip proved very accurate, and turned the tables.Redland rallied and reached 13-16 at 16 ends, and with chance of a win looming large hopes were dashed when Portishead woke to the danger and won the last two ends with three apiece, finishing 13-22 and no points. Well done to Elaine's rink, and thankyou for the support and cheerfulness of all those who played in the league this year.  Redland Green will probably finish in 6th position.   Thursday August 13th Bristol & District League Away v Page Park A  Lost 42-52 (2 pts)Following recent result's we are now playing for as high a position as possible as any thoughts of promotion had been dashed with St Andrew's and Keynsham now being out of reach. With this unfortunate loss next week's game v Ardagh will determine 3rd and 4th position's. This was a close run affair for the majority of the match with no more than five or six shots between the teams, although it was always in favour of the opposition. Dave's rink was a really tight affair throughout with the lead changing hands throughout. A 3 on the 16th end eventually gave us some daylight at 16-14 which was just sufficient for the victory. Kevin's rink recovered from 3-10 (five ends) to 11-12 on the 10th end only to fade away on the run in. Jim's rink were certainly the most unfortunate having fallen behind after 5 ends (6-4) but staging a recovery to be all square at 15 ends (13-13). Going into the last end one shot ahead (14-13) it seemed there was an outside chance we could snatch overall victory as we held 3 shots with one wood to be played by the opposition. Credit due to their skip who was able to draw the jack and move it back to turn it into a 5 for them, an eight shot swing that condemned us to only 2 points for the night's efforts. Jim Gregory described the last shot as "bite in the b**<$!"ks!!"
 Lead Dave Longley Gerry Wickham Andy Gadd
 No 2 Calvin Schlaepfer Roger Plant Ian Anderson
 No 3 Jim Gregory Steve Bird Tony Stone
 Skip Jim Russell Kevin French Dave Edwards
  L 14-18  L 12-19 W 16-15
  Late report Clarence Davey Plate v Greenbank (7th August) Lost 48-87 A comprehensive thrashing at the hand's of a strong First division outfit. The only real ray of sunshine was the recovery on Dave Edward's rink, having lost the first end by 6 shots, to recovering to a 22-17 win with Dave himself being instrumental in the victory with an impressive display to keep the rink in touch with the opposition.Dave E, Roger J, Adrian and Ian Anderson W 22-17Kevin, Steve, Roger P and Gerry L 9-21 Dave L, Calvin, Tony and Jim R    L 12-19Colin, George, Mike R and Eric    L 5-30   Wednesday 12th AugustBristol Ladies League v Henleaze "C" Elaine's lead, Juance, had to withdraw having been told to rest a very sore knee, so thankyou to Sonnette who stepped in at very short notice.  With the home team making a good start, getting to 10-3 up on the 9th end, Redland Green then scored a hotshot!!  In the excitement, they didn't score again until the last two ends.  Meanwhile  Elaine wrenched her knee centering  the jack but managed to limp to the end of the game.  Redland Green ran out winners 21-12.  So 4 points. Jean's regular rink had a close game for 9 ends, then held Henleaze to 6 for 6 ends while the home team reached 15.  A good game with all players contributing to the final result 17-10.  So another 4 points. Final total 38 - 22  and all 8 points to Redland Green. Next week might be a different story as the last game of the season is against Portishead "B" who have only lost one game all season.  We shall see.  Thursday August 6th Bristol & District League Home v Canford  6.15pm   Won 48-42 (8 pts) As the season runs its course this was another victory, turning the tables on the result earlier in the season when a dropped 4 on the last end meant a one shot overall defeat. Dave Edwards & Co moved into a 9-1 lead after nine ends and with the aid of a 6 on the 12th end cruised to a comfortable win. On the adjoining rink Kevin's crew only dropped 3 ends up to the 13th when they dropped a four to still lead 16-11. This was however a sufficient cushion to see the game out without any scares (this time!). At the other end of the green the only offer from Jim's lot was the quote of the night from Jim himself when considering a shot as he was heard to say ...."the jack won't go that way...where IS the jack?!!" Winning only 5 ends, including a 5 (to go momentarily ahead 12-11) and a 4, the performance was not good, a blot on an otherwise good record on Jim's rink's during the season.
 Lead Dave Longley Gerry Wickham Colin Sara
 No 2 Calvin Schlaepfer Roger Plant Ian Anderson
 No 3 Tony Stone Steve Bird Roger Jones
 Skip Jim Russell Kevin French Dave Edwards
  L 13-20  W 17-13  W 18-9
  Wednesday 5th AugustBristol Ladies League v Yate "B"  What a reversal.  Last match 8 points - this match 0 points! Elaine's rink, Juance, Judy, and Jenny were holding their own when Yate surged ahead with  7 on the 9th end.  Although the home rink tried hard, it was no good and Yate ran out winners 12 - 21. Jean's rink suffered a similar fate, dropping 6 on the 5th end.  From 4 - 13 down on the 11th end the team rallied and picked up 9 shots to Yate's 4 during the final 7 ends, but it was not enough and Yate won 13 - 17.  So no points this week.  Friday 31st July Bristol Ladies League v Begbrook Green Elaine's rink, Juance, Margaret (thankyou for stepping in at short notice), and Jenny started slowly on a difficult green, being 3- 9 down after 10 ends.  Short jacks resulted in a couple of 3s, but they were still one down going into the last end.  Some accurate bowling by the skip ended with Redland Green getting 2 shots, and winning the match 13-12!  So 2 points to Redland Green. Jean's rink, regulars Linda, Wendy, and Brenda, were in front right until the 15th end, when the score was 10 all.  The rink was determined to wipe out the memory of its defeat in the first match, and won the last 3 ends, finishing 15-10, and gaining another 2 points.Total shots 28 - 22, and 8 points to Redland Green. All the players contributed to the win.  Well done.   Thursday July 30th Bristol & District League Away v Avonvale A  Won 57-31 (10 pts)A comprehensive victory and some revenge for our earlier defeat at home. Always ahead on a green that bowled a little better than it looked we built on an overall lead of 18 shots as early as the fifth end. Missing Gerry, recovering from his knee problem, and Jim G in Orlando and with Jim R having had a wisdom tooth removed earlier in the day this was a good team performance with the result never really in doubt. Jim R's rink lost only 6 ends, including a 4, and Kevin's crew lost only 4 ends. Dave E & Co was a much tighter affair staying ahead throughout but with a slight stutter towards the end, losing the last four ends. The buffer of 16-9 (at 13 ends) was however sufficient to clinch the 10 points. (Apologies for delayed report due to arrival of 3 granddaughters and "slight" disruption around the place!!)
 Lead Dave Longley Colin Sara Andy Gadd
 No 2 Calvin Schlaepfer Roger Plant Ian Anderson
 No 3 Tony Stone Steve Bird Roger Jones
 Skip Jim Russell Kevin French Dave Edwards
  W 23-11 W 18-6 W 16-14
  23rd July B&D Home v Keynsham 'A' Lost 33-47 (2 pts) It was third against second place and we made them fight for the win. At 11 ends we were 8 up but with Kevin and Jim's rinks dropping 4 shots each the feeling was that the game was changing. We never did get back in it after that. Dave's rink was always close and at eleven ends were only one shot down at 9-10. Some good bowling by the opposing skip took then took the game away. Kevin's rink traded shots early on and moved into a 11-2 lead and managed to hold on for the 2 points. Jim's rink was nip and tuck and at 11 ends it was all square at 9-9. Unfortunately they dropped away from that stage and could not hold on to the surge from the opposition. 
 Lead Dave Longley Gerry Wickham Andy Gadd
 No 2 Calvin Schlaepfer Roger Plant Ian Anderson
 No 3 Jim Gregory Steve Bird Roger Jones
 Skip Jim Russell Kevin French Dave Edwards
  L 10-20 W 13-10 L 10-17
22nd July  Bristol Ladies League v Severn Vale  Elaine's rink, Juance, Sonnette, and Gloria,were up against it throughout the whole game.  A 4 on the 8th end and a 3 on the 17th end were not enough to make a difference, and Severn Vale ran out easy winners 13 - 24.  No points to Redland Green.  (Thankyou to Sonnette who only started playing bowls this season and who stepped in at short notice to make the numbers up!) Jean's rink, Linda, Sheila, and Brenda, managed to stay in contention for most of the match but giving away a 6 on the 17th end was a killer blow.  Severn Vale ran out winners, 12 - 20.  Again, no points to Redland Green.  A disappointing result. J   16th July B&D Away v Henleaze B Won 64-34 (10 pts)With this sixth consecutive victory, when the relevant league positions were exposed, it is evident that I'm going to have to come home as I'm running out of Vodka and with all this celebrating fast becoming dependant on it! The two Jim's, Calvin and Dave L were always in command and threatening to pick up large scores. They won 13 ends in all with a 30-8 victory. Dave E, Roger J,Ian and Andy traded shots over the opening ends and then raced ahead 18-5. With the game clearly won, perhaps understandably, some focus was lost dropping 8 shots over the last 3 ends to win 18-13. Kevin's rink with Steve, Roger P and Gerry surprised us all by recording a victory but not without some doubts that we would pick up all 10 points. They got ahead 11-2 and then conspired to lose 7 of the last 10 ends, hanging on eventually to win 16-13. This was the first victory on Kevin's rink in the league since 18th June!(just thought it was worth a mention!) ( Report of match provided by KF)   Bristol Ladies League v Kingswood & Hanham "B" 15th July Elaine's rink, Gloria, Yvonne, & Jenny,didn't score until the 5th end and were behind by one shot on the 14th end.  They then got going and scored three 4s and a 2 over the last 5 ends with K & H only winning one end with one shot.  Well bowled.  23 - 11 and 2 points. Jean's usual rink of Linda, Wendy, and Brenda, played catch-up until the 10th end.  Linda started bowling long jacks, the tide turned and they won 15 shots over the next 7 ends, with K & H having 1 shot on the last end.  Two shots must be mentioned.  Brenda, following very precise directions from the skip,bowled a very narrow wood to sneak the jack when surrounded by opposition woods, and a similar shot by the skip who skimmed 2 opposition woods to take shot. Pity there was no film crew!! Well bowled.  23 - 7 and 2 points.  Total shots 46 - 18 and 8 points.   Saturday July 11th Glos Two Rink v G B Britton Lost 40-41With Kevin's rink of Dave E Gerry and Andy always in close contention they secured a 20-20 score line. The two Jim's with Roger J and Dave L were always slightly behind and the overall game was tight. They managed to come back level but eventually succumbed 20-21 unfortunately. That's bowls for you a shot here and there makes the difference. In reality a slightly disappointing result against a side that was probably not their 'A' team.   Thursday July 9th B&D Home v Knowle B Won 49-40 (8 pts)I waited expectantly, vodka and tonic in hand, for the news wires to bring the latest and hey ho it was worth the wait as I toasted the 5th consecutive league victory. I'm told that we were always trailing but the tide turned at 14 ends. The two Jim's, Calvin and Dave L were in an epic tussle with never more than 1 or 2 either way until the last three ends when they sneaked in front to win 16-11. Unfortunately Kevin, Gerry, Mike T and Roger P were  never really in the game losing as they did 7-20. With Dave E, Roger J, Ian and Andy always in front the real question was could they win sufficiently well to offset Kevin's rink! Well they kept at it and on the last two ends pulled an excellent 5 and 4 to seal the game and overall victory with a 26-9 score line. The climb up the table continues so it's back to the vodka and tonic for me to await the next instalment. Well done boys! [Tony Stone]   Tues July 7th  NE League Cup R2 H v Olveaton 'C' Won 50-41A good competent win against always strong Olveston opposition. Eric, George Bob and Mike W were down early 1-11 but stuck with it and got back to to 17-13. Dropped last ends but kept it tight with Redland in front overall eventually losing 13-22. Steve, Colin E, Alan N and Colin S always in control winning 20-12 with good bowling well supported by Alan C, Ted, John and Mike T who again were always in charge winning 17-7. Next round is next Tuesday 14th Away v GB Britton C or Bristol St George.   B&D League 2nd July A v BAC Won 66-33 (8 pts)Comprehensive and convincing victory against bottom of table  bringing up 4 wins on the trot. Should have really been a full house of 10 points with the losing rink being KF GW MT RP - L 13-14 - being nip and tuck for the first 7 ends then moving into a 13-6 lead, but then dropped 8 shots over last 3 ends. I have been asked to find some crumbs of comfort in their result but can only point to the other two rinks that won!! JR JG CS DL - W 28-8- were always in control with some excellent bowling and only dropped 3 ends. The other rink of RJ IA AG and Steve Bird stepping in admirably for the injured DE -W 25-11- were level pegging over early ends but picked up a 5 and a 6, and ran out easy winners. KF and company can console themselves though in overall victory as we consolidate our position in the League.   Bristol Ladies League v Page Park Ladies  Jenny's rink, Juance, Judy, and Gloria had a very low scoring match, totalling only 21 shots over the 18 ends.  Keeping the opposition to 1 shot for the 7 ends they won, Redland  scored 8 ones and 2 twos. A steady game,  winning 14-7 ,and 2 well earned points.   Meanwhile Jean's rink (Linda, Wendy, and Brenda) again made a slow start, not scoring until the 7th end.  A 6 on the 9th put them one ahead but the opposition's 5 on the 14th put paid to Redland Green's chances and Page Ladies eventually won 19-15.  No points. But the total shots were Redland Green 29, Page Ladies 26, so Redland Green won overall, and earned 6 points.  Next week there is no league match.     Glos Cup v Henleaze 30th June lost 54-55Slightly disappointing end to otherwise fascinating game. We were always 7/8 shots behind but at about 17th drew all square for a couple of ends. Game was close as the finish loomed with KF rink dropping a shot on penultimate end, and on DE rink RJ on last end drew close shot but Henleaze drew closer. Rink of DE RJ MT IA - W 19-18 -got off to good lead but with a slightly wobbly middle 5 ends. Some good bowls stopped Henleaze momentum. JR JG CS DL - L15-19- always coming from behind and not always getting rub of the green. Bowled good last ends. KF GW AM RP- W 20-18- behind in early 5 ends but recovered with good come back. (Report provided by Kevin and deciphered in Portugal!)  ADDENDUM:I have been reminded that I didn't report that Jim Russell's was that close, yes that close to pulling an 8 until the opposing skip pulled something out of the bag to prevent a full they didn't! A comment from JR was also overheard at the end of the second end to KF as they (KF) moved to 4-0 up that it had taken the same rink until 7.45pm on Tuesday night in the Lloyd Trophy to achieve that score!!                                                         Thursday 25thJuneBristol & District League Home v Bristol St Andrews 6.15pm Won 54-41 (8 pts)The tide appears to be turning at the moment and we are on a roll with the third consecutive victory in the League. This time against the leaders inflicting only their second league defeat of the season, and in some style. Jim's rink cruised to a 14-1 lead after only 8 ends. A little hiccup followed, dropping two 4's in succession, but then they pulled away conceding only three more ends. At the other side of the rink Dave and his lot found themselves trailing 2-6 (6 ends) and 5-6 at nine ends. Winning five of the next ends including a 5 on the 14th, proved a game changer as they moved away to a comfortable victory. With an end to go it looked as we might bag a full house as in a tight encounter Kevin and supporting cast had reestablished a two shot advantage after KF pulled the jack for a three and a 17-15 lead. The lead, having changed hands on several occasions, did so again on the last unfortunately as we traded the three we had just taken for a three against us, the last wood from the opposition proving decisive snatching away the one point that was the least that was merited on the night. It has to be noted that Roger Plant began his campaign to retain the wrong bias trophy!!   
 Lead Dave Longley Roger Plant Ian Anderson
 No 2 Calvin Schlaepfer Tony Stone Mike Tarr
 No 3 Jim Gregory Gerry Wickham Roger Jones
 Skip Jim Russell Kevin French Dave Edwards
  W 19-13 L 17-18 W 18-10
  Bristol Ladies League v Canford   Home  Wednesday 24th June  Elaine's rink, Gloria, Yvonne, and Jenny played well the whole evening, winning 11 of the 18 ends. Three 4s contributed to their final score of 27-11.  So 2 points to Redland. Jean's rink, Linda, Wendy, and Brenda, reached 10 before Canford got on the scoreboard.  Canford only won 6 ends, and a 5 on the 9th helped towards Redland Green's winning total of 21 to 9.  So 2 more points to the home team, and 8 points overall.  Well done everyone!     Tuesday 23rd JuneBristol & District League LLOYD TROPHY R1 Home v Weston (Bath) 6.15pm Lost 42-54Whilst Dave & Jim's rinks were having really tight affairs the game was unfortunately ebbing away early on as Kevin's rink really struggled. There was a slight rally towards the end when a few shots were pulled back but nowhere enough to repair the initial damage, Dave's rink were the only winners for us on the night with Jim's rink only losing with a measure on the last.  
 Lead Dave Longley Roger Plant Andy Gadd
 No 2 Calvin Schlaepfer Tony Stone Ian Anderson
 No 3 Jim Gregory Gerry Wickham Roger Jones
 Skip Jim Russell Kevin French Dave Edwards
  L 14-15  L 14-27  W 14-12


 Saturday June 20thGlos Two Rink Round  2 Home v Bishops Cleeve 10:00 Won 56=24As the opposition arrived a comment was overheard from one of our players that "they look like good bowlers". Well looks can deceive as we proved on the day with an overwhelming victory. Having built a substantial lead of 24 shots or so this was never allowed to slip away as has been our Achilles heel in past games. Kevin's rink dropped a shot on the first end  but never looked back as they slowly built a platform of victory. Jim's rink swapped shots in the early part of the game after Jim trailed the jack in the first end to concede three! Counts of 3, 4 and 5 became commonplace for several ends as we built a lead like kids in a sweet shop! Overall a comprehensive win with the opposition eventually conceding defeat with 3 ends of the match still to play. 
 Lead Dave Longley Andy Gadd
 No 2 Tony Stone Gerry Wickham
 No 3 Jim Gregory Dave Edwards
 Skip Jim Russell Kevin French
  W 38-15 (20 ends) W 18-9 (19 ends)



Friday 19th June

Bristol Ladies League v Yate "B" 6pm   Lost 29-40 (2points)

Jenny's rink, Juance, Wendy, and Gloria, kept plugging away and although at 10 ends they were 6-11 down they began to catch up and at the 16th were only 1 behind.  They then scored a magnificient 6 followed by a 4, resulting in a 22-13 win.  Gloria scored the shot of the night with a double wick which ended up shot!  Very well done.

Jean's rink, Linda, Yvonne, and Brenda had a disastrous evening, the lowest point being dropping a 7 on the 6th end.  Not one of the team could find their usual accuracy, and with the opposition playing really well, it was no surprise the end result was 7-27.  Very disappointing.


  Thursday 18 June

Bristol & District League Home v Ardagh 6.15pm Won 45-42 (8 pts) Why oh why do we make life so difficult for ourselves at times! With the comfort of a lead of 14 shots for the first 12 ends two rinks somehow then found reverse gear and we put ourselves under pressure to get a positive result from the match! Dave's rink led the way however and were never headed during the game building a solid platform for their victory and despite a slight slip over the run in secured a good win. From the shouts emanating from the rink Dave himself was bowling well on certain ends with full support from the rest of the crew. Jim's rink found themselves 11-2 up at 5 ends and promptly went backwards unfortunately winning only 1 further end in the game. On Frenchie's rink, with Kevin producing some super woods, it looked good with a winning streak from the 5th-10th ends inclusive. It then turned round with the opposition winning the next 6 ends in retaliation. Two shots on the last end did however stop the rot and secured a vital 2 points that looked to have slipped away. A slim margin of overall victory but we are not renowned for making life easy for ourselves! A welcome end to  the first half of the season, with two wins now on the trot. 
 Lead Dave Longley Roger Plant Andy Gadd
 No 2 Calvin Schaephler Tony Stone Ian Anderson
 No 3 Jim Gregory Gerry Wickham Roger Jones
 Skip Jim Russell Kevin French Dave Edwards
  L 13-17  W 15-14  W 17-11


Friday 12th June


Clarence Davey Plate Round 1Away v Frys  6.15pm    WON 88-87I understand that following the stress of the ending to this match has called for the team captain to  supply Valium to the squad in future matches! Game started reasonably with three of the rinks getting in front with Steve's rink trailing in the early stages. This all changed at 7 ends  with all rinks behind. At the 10th end it was becoming a disaster as by then we were trailing overall by 24 shots but then the Redland spirit kicked in as all endeavours were made to recover the position. Frenchie's  rink were always up and down but only failed by one shot to level their game. Dave's crew put in a solid performance and pushed onto victory whilst Jim's lot had JR to thanks when he bowled a great wood on the last end at two shots down to secure shot and another winning rink.Steve's were training by 12 shots but kept their heads up and fought their way back into the game. The game was reaching it's climax and with SB's rink one end behind the overall score was in favour of Frys' by 1 shot! All looked good as George drew shot. Steve was close but the opposition skip drew within a foot,........... Redland depressed!! SB's next wood was confident, great line and edged shot and fell in for second wood..........Redland elated!!! Opposition skip took a long time to compose himself........tension mounted......but he drew a yard short. A collective sigh of relief was evident in the Redland camp and we move onto the next round in defence of the Trophy, hopefully without all the stress and anxiety of this match! We will be away at Greenbank, to be played by 7th August. 
 Lead Dave LongleyRoger Plant  Ian AndersonMike White 
 No 2 Mike Roth John Crichard Mike Tarr George Dyer
 No 3Jim Gregory  Gerry Wickham Roger JonesCalvin Schlaepfer 
 SkipJim Russell Kevin French Dave Edwards Steve Bird 
  W 24-21L 22-23 W 23-21 L 19-22 



Thursday 11 June

Bristol & District League Home v Page Park A 6.15pm Won 61-30 (10 pts)Apologies for lack of reports over the past few weeks so lets see if we can get back to some normality over the coming weeks. A confidence boosting 10 point victory last night was what was needed following a disappointing run of three consecutive losses putting us in the bottom half of the table. As the evening progressed the lead was gradually increasing to the extent that the overall victory seemed to be never in doubt. The one question was whether Frenchie's rink could hold on to an ever decreasing lead over the last few ends. From 15-4 (11 ends) there was concern as the opposition pulled back to 15-12 (15 ends). The decisive shot was on the 16th end with the opponents again in pole position, and threatening to level the game, when Kevin got us out of trouble with an excellent wood to take the shot and stop the rot! No repeat of the Canford experience the previous week thank goodness. It has to be said though if it wasn't for the opposition skip the victory would have been more decisive as single handed he saved some 10 shots over the course of the game.Elsewhere Jim's rink only gave up 6 ends and slowly turned the screw throughout a comprehensive victory. They were ahead 14-3 (9 ends) increasing to 21-7 at 15 ends. On the end rink Dave and his crew had a tight game over the opening ends, leading only 9-6 after nine but again slowly warming to the task pulled away with a 5 on the 14th end (19-9) to win handsomely. It was great to hear the positive shouts of encouragement across all rinks and an excellent team effort on the night. 
 Lead Dave Longley Roger Plant Andy Gadd
 No 2 Calvin Schaephler Tony Stone Ian Anderson
 No 3 Jim Gregory Gerry Wickham Roger Jones
 Skip Jim Russell Kevin French Dave Edwards
  W 21-9 W 17-12 W 22-9


Wednesday 10th June

Bristol Ladies League v Begbrook Green

Jenny's rink, Juance, Margaret, and Abi started well, lost ground in the middle, then rallied from 12-all on the 14th end, winning the remaining ends with a final result 21 - 12.  Well done.

Jean's rink, Linda, Wendy,and Brenda had a disastrous start and were beginning to think this would be their first zero result!  Their first score came on the 13th end with one shot.  They proceeded to win 4 of the last 5 ends.  On the last end Redland Green were holding 1 with the chance of scoring 4 and winning the match if our holding wood was moved forward a foot.  The shot to move had 2 Begbrook woods on the left, very close.  Skip Jean only just missed and the result was 11 - 22.

So only 2 points to Redland Green.



Monday 1st June

Bristol Ladies League v Severn Vale

 The weather deteriorated throughout the day, but we travelled to Severn Vale to make a final decision.  As it wasn't actually raining at 6pm we made a start, both captains having agreed a 14-end game (which would count as a result) with the proviso that if the promised rain returned we would abandon the match.  Jenny's rink had played 6 ends and Jean's rink 7 ends when the rain began in earnest and the gusts of wind were very strong so the match was abandoned and the points shared.

In view of the weather conditions during the day and the forecast of heavy rain and strong winds I apologise that I didn't cancel the game. This will happen if a similar situation arises. Jean

Thursday 28 May

Bristol & District League Home v Avonvale A  6.15pm Lost 40-55 (2 pts) 


Friday 29th May 

Bristol Ladies League Away v Kingswood & Hanham

 Lead    Gloria          Linda

        2.       Yvonne        Wendy    

   3.        Abi        Brenda      

   4.      Jenny     Jean         


Kingswood & Hanham only had 3 players on Jenny's rink, so had to give up 1/4 of their score but this did not look like being a problem for them as they were ahead most of the game. They were 11 up on the 13th end, then Jenny's rink scored a 6 and were in contention for the first time.  K & H scored 1 on the 17th end meaning Redland Green had to win the last end to win the rink, which they did,

14 -123/4.

Jean's rink struggled with the green as well.  It was playing heavier and straighter than Redland Green, and they didn't score until the 5th end. A 4 on the 16th end finally brought them level, but K & H won the last 2 ends, resulting in a final score of 13 - 17.

Overall 27 - 293/4 to K & H , and 2 points to Redland Green



 Thursday May 21st 

Bristol & District League Away v Keynsham A  Lost 32-51 (0 pts)

Playing against the team at the top of the table was always going to be difficult and so it proved. Opposition started strongly especially on Kevin’s rink and Jim’s rink and despite a rally by both skips later on neither Kevin nor Jim could overcome the early lead built up by the opposition. Dave Edwards had a closer game keeping in touch for most of the game but opposition skip was always able to play the telling shot whenever necessary. Dropped a late three when trying to catch up on penultimate end. Probably the strongest opponent yet this season but a disappointing result all the same.

 Lead Dave Longley Roger Plant Colin Sara
 No 2 Adrian Miles Ian Anderson John Crichard
 No 3 Jim Gregory Roger Jones Gerry Wickham
 Skip Jim Russell Dave Edwards Kevin French
  L 12-14  



Thursday May 14th 

Bristol & District League Home v Henleaze B  6.15pmA second win of the season and a good result against our local rivals. Jim started well and was always ahead and in control winning despite dropping a 5 on the fifteenth end. Kevin, with Roger Plant at lead, made a slow start going 9 – 1 down after just five ends. Rallied well and 2 shots on each of the last two ends levelled the scores for a creditable draw. Dave also had a slow start but soon rallied picking up 10 shots in three ends for a comfortable lead which he maintained to the end. Despite dropping a 4 and a 3 late on Dave ended with a comfortable win. Collecting 9 points has moved us up the table and has given some momentum on which to build.
 Lead Dave Longley Roger Plant Colin Sara
 No 2 Adrian Miles Ian Anderson John Crichard
 No 3 Jim Gregory Roger Jones Gerry Wickham
 Skip Jim Russell Dave Edwards Kevin French
  18-15 19-13 17-17


Wednesday May 13th 

CLARENCE DAVEY ROUND 1 Away v G B Britton L 41-97 

Strong opposition proved too much for us and all rinks suffered on the night. Jim and Eric both had a slow start and both were 12 shots down before halfway. A slight improvement in the second half but despite picking up a 5 late on Eric went down by 16 shots. Jim also saw a rally but not enough to make a difference and ended losing by 13 shots. Kevin had a difficult night with opposition scoring regularly and eventually winning by 20 shots. Roger enjoyed a good start and finish, winning five of the first six ends and also four of last five. Opposition had a better middle and, despite the good finish Roger lost by 7 shots. A difficult evening and although result was not unexpected it was a disappointing final score.


Thursday May 7th Bristol & District League Away v Knowle B  6.15pm Lost 46-51 (2 pts)With two ends to go we were 5 shots to the good only to drop away at the death.  
 Lead Dave Longley Colin Sara Ian Anderson
 No 2 Adrian Miles John Crichard Calvin Schlaepfer
 No 3 Jim Gregory Gerry Wickham Steve Bird
 Skip Jim Russell Kevin French Roger  Jones

 W 22-9

Always in front 

 L 15-17

Nip and tuck throughout 

 L 9-25

 Despite fight back in middle always behind 

 Thursday 30th April Bristol & District League Home v BAC 6.15pm  Won 56-39 (8 pts)A morale boosting first win of the season which so nearly was a full house points wise. At the midway point all three rinks were ahead with an overall 11 shot lead. With Kevin's rink taking control the other two rinks where gradually being reigned back and leads disappearing. A rally from Jim's rink at the end secured a victory that looked as if it had slipped away but unfortunately a single shot on the last end proved critical for Dave's rink attempt to secure a clean sweep. Individually Kevin's rink took control picking up 12 shots over the the last 5 ends to move from 9-3 to a very credible 25-9 victory. Jim's rink contrived to fall from a comfortable 12-4 at the tenth end to fall behind 12-16 with two ends to play. Picking up a 4 and 2 to turn the game round proved critical in achieving a respectable points return overall. Dave's rink was also very close affair but dropping a 4 on the 15th end put them behind 11-13 only to level the game on the penultimate end but to no avail regrettably as the opposition snatched that last shot. 
 Lead Dave Longley Tony Stone Roger Plant
 No 2 Adrian Miles John Crichard Ian Anderson
 No 3 Jim Gregory Gerry Wickham Roger Jones
 Skip Jim Russell Kevin French Dave Edwards
  W 18-16 W 25-9 L 13-14
   Thursday 23rd April Bristol & District League Away v Bristol St Andrews  6.15pm Lost 53- 62 (2 pts) A repeat of the opening game of last season unfortunately where we again picked up only two points.  Looking at last year's report I can only reiterate the summary as follows..." A nip and tuck game that could have gone either way. Going into the final ends there was only one shot on the game but unfortunately we were unable to get over the line with a confidence boosting victory"After 14 ends we held the same one shot lead with two rinks holding leads. Normally scoring in excess of 50+ shots wins you a match, but not last night against what seem to have become bogey opponents. Jim's rink did especially well recovering from 0-7 (5 ends) to turn the game around and pick up the 2 points. Dave's rink was a high scoring affair with seven ends of scores of 4 or more. Unfortunately they conceded two of these in the last three ends which saw the game turn round in the opponents favour. Despite winning more ends than the opposition Kevin's rink couldn't hold on to the lead established at the halfway stage.  
 Lead Tony Stone Dave Longley Roger Plant
 No 2 Peter Goad Adrian Miles Ian Anderson
 No 3 Gerry Wickham Jim Gregory Roger jones
 Skip Kevin French Jim Russell Dave Edwards
  L 12-22 W 21-16 L 20-24

  Dates for your Diary

Monday March 26th: Signing on night form 18:00
Monday April 16th: RINK OPEN/First club night 
Tuesday April 17th: Ladies Opening day from 14:00
Saturday April 21st: First mixed match of season
Monday May 7th: MAY DAY FAIR
Fixtures are now on the site for the season. 
B&D squad for first league game is  already on Team selections.

The Social Evening scheduled for 12th March at Henleaze Bowling Club  has been cancelled.
The "Signing on" Evening on 26th March will be at Redland Green Bowling Club, not at Henleaze Bowling Club (Members will be able to see the new changing rooms that are nearing completion, even if there is some clearing up and cleaning  to be done in the Clubroom before the start of the new Bowling season)


Members will be very interested to hear that the North East League have selected our Green for the Semi Finals of their Knock-out Cup on Tuesday 7th August 2012. The start is at 6.00pm when all 6 rinks will be utilised. 


Important message from the Chairman re Clubhouse 

To all club members.

The changing rooms are now secure with the installation of the shutters.  We are now waiting on the installation of the electrical wiring in roof space allowing approximately 2 weeks.The next job is for the contractor to install the roof insulation allow 1 day, followed by fitting the board and plastering the ceiling (allow 3 days).

Hopefully, fitting the lighting will follow immediately to allow all the internal work to start in earnest the latter part of January. This my estimate for the start to keep the works to the planned dates.

Undertaking the various tasks are:-

 Peter &George (electrics)

Eric plus others(paint & tiling)


Alan & Mike(carpentry)

Landscape round the new building (TBA)  

If you are able to help in any particular skill please talk to one of above advising them when you are available i.e. during the week or at weekends. 

We have agreed the colours for both the tiles and flooring material. 

Outside work i.e. painting the outside walls, store door and surround has already started on the 9th January. 

Construction of a ramp is needed to access the new store, so there is going to be plenty to do. 

If you can help, I would suggest that you bring any tools that may be used ie electric drills, paint brushes etc 

Next season's men's League fixture are now available on the site. 

  A very Happy Christmas and every good wish for the New Year to all club members





Monday September 26th: Thanks as ever to George the first set of photos re the changing rooms are now available for viewing on the 'Changing room development' tab.

Sunday September 25th: You will see that I have amended one of the tabs above to 'Changing room Development'. Over the coming weeks and months it is intended to download photos of the progress being made together with any matters of interest connected to the development. So keep and eye out for regular updates!

All team selections are now available. PLEASE ESPECIALLY NOTE REQUEST TO TELEPHONE STEVE BIRD re Mixed friendly on 8th October. Thank you.  


Please note as the clubroom is shut this winter for the rebuilding of the changing rooms, our Social evenings, including the Annual General Meeting will be held, by kind permission of Henleaze BC, at:-



All events are on Monday’s from 7.00pm for 7.30pm start.


10th October           Quiz Evening 

14th November        Presentation Evening (with Ploughman’s Supper) 

5th December         Christmas Social (with American Supper) 


9th January             New Year Social & Music Evening 

13th February          Redland Green Races 


12th March              to be arranged 

26th March              Signing-on Evening & Whist (to be confirmed) 

Please do your best to support all these events.


 Please can all  carry 3 woods to both ARDAGH and St. ANDREWS this weekend as format may    change

SUNDAY September 18th: IMPORTANT Message from Vice Captain Colin Edwards: Can you please re-assure members,on the club site,that all effort is being made to find RGBC teams. Selection for the matches on 24th Sept., 1st Oct. and 8th Oct. should be done on Monday 19th Sept.subject to sufficient numbers being available. I will contact every available member by telephone to confirm selection as soon as is practicable, so no one should panic !  

Thursday Sept 15th IMPORTANT BREAKING NEWS: Somehow, and I know none of you will believe it, there has been a slip up on the fixture front. Kevin French tells me that St George have contacted him as they are still expecting us to be with them on OCTOBER 1st for a 4 rink Men's fixture. In order to rectify the omission from our fixture list, Kevin, along with Colin Edwards, are endeavouring to put together a side. IF YOU ARE AVAILABLE PLEASE CONTACT EITHER KEVIN OR COLIN AS SOON AS POSSIBLE and get Frenchie out of the mess!!! 

Thurs Sept 15th: The selection for the 24th September & 8th October fixtures will appear very shortly. As the clubhouse will now be closed please ensure your availability is confirmed with Colin Edwards ( 0117 9591143, who will also attempt to phone all those selected.

I must compliment Andy on his production of the Captain's Day video. Really well done and everyone who has seen it has complimented you on it!!

Sept 14th: Match report from Colin Edwards from today's fixture at Imperial:  Enjoyable match played in good spirit and surprisingly great weather. A good overall team performance by Redland by not losing on any rink in a rare fixture against once regular opponents. I now see what it means to be Captain chasing up all the loose ends (no pun intended !)

There appears to be a shortage of numbers for both September 24th and October 8th. It is likely that one of the Men's matches on the 24th September may have to be cancelled. Watch this space. 

As the Captain will soon be leaving us I thought it only appropriate that for those of you who may have missed it you have a chance to live again his Captain's Day Speech - Go to the following link:
  Andy Gadd


Mixed Pairs Sunday September 11th

WINNERS:  ANNABEL ALCOCK & JOHN CORNISH    Congratulations to you both





1      Week of Sunday 18th September to Sunday 25th September.

Members to REMOVE OF ALL LOOSE AND FIXED ITEMS, some to be retained and stored in Clubroom. Remainder to be divided into timber and other materials and kept separated.

TOOLS - Hammers, saws, powered and hand screwdrivers, cold chistles, crowbars & wrecking bars

2      Week Monday 26th September to 30th September

Contractor will dismantle shell and clear the base.

We need members to separate timber from non timber items and stack on grass next to car park for external disposal.

Non-Timber items to be disposed of at the Avonmouth recycling centre.



ALL members wishing to help must wear tough working boots, gloves, hat and where required safety glasses and a good body jacket.



Alan Cox, Chairman


Please note that the planned meal out on September 29th to celebrate promotion to Division 1 of the B&D has been cancelled as it has proved too difficult to organise and accommodate all members. 

***Please see Team selections tab for Mixed Pairs pairings for Sunday September 11th ***

                                                                                                              IMPORTANT NOTICE


 Once again we are very grateful to George Dyer for his David Bailey duties at Finals day! You can access his results as follows:




 Men's Pairs: R Plant/ M White beat B Phillpotts/ G Wickham

 Ladies Pairs: Gloria Walsh Gill/ Mary Palmer beat Annabelle Alcock/ Jenny Richards

 Men's Two Wood: J Russell beat I Anderson

 Ladies Two WoodsBrenda Bird  beat Gloria Walsh Gill

11.00am @ St Anne's BC North East Two Wood Final: J Dyer (Btol St Andrews)  beat K FRENCH

 Men's Championship: A Gadd beat K French 

 Ladies Championship: Elaine Lewis beat Margaret Cox

 Men's Handicap: J Russell  (0) beat I Anderson (4) 

 Albert Bryant: Richard Ovens v Ted Farrant

Due to Ted's incapacity (good news in that he was discharged from hospital today -Wednesday 31st August- he is unfortunately unable to play. In the circumstances this Final will be played at the start of the 2012  season.

 *** Many congratulations to Kevin French on reaching the North East Two Wood final- see details above***






Thursday August 25th: B&D take League Two title despite disappointing loss to Weston (Bath) who complete a double over us. 

Wednesday August 24th: Good news and bad! Congratulations to Jean & Gerry on the recent birth of their latest grandson, mother and baby doing well, but no other details at this stage. Unfortunately Ted Farrant is in the coronary ward at hospital awaiting an angiogram. He is comfortable and we wish him a speedy recovery to full health.  

Please note that this week's fixture v Greenbank has been reduced to four rinks at request of opposition. Team selection has been amended to give priority to those who had indicated availability.

Thursday August 18th: After falling just short in the last two season's B& D team clinch promotion to First Division with an 8-2 victory over St Anne's this evening. Four points from next week's final fixture will guarantee the Second Division Championship. 

Once again thanks to George Dyer for providing photographs, this time for Ladies Captain's Day. Please see following link:


REMINDER: Thursday August 18th Ladies Captains Day 10.30am for 11.00am. If the weather should conspire against us alternative indoor arrangements are planned! 

North East fixture this Thursday (18th) is away v Eastvillians and NOT BAC as first published on Team Selection. Apologies.

 Friday August 12th:Despite last night's loss in the B&D league fixture v Knowle 'B' 10 points from our last two games will still secure promotion.


(See Jean's match reports)


Breaking news update: Really good news!! John Cornish has reported in fit & well and available for Saturday's fixture

Monday August 1st: Sources have revealed that the ambulance service was again offering services this time to a former Club Captain whose father is still a very active member of our club. I understand that instead of this being for possible de-hydration on this occasion on Saturday night it was for excess liquid, exhibited by a swallow dive on crossing the road as his brain could not recall that it should be one foot in front of the other rather than acting out a re-run of a scene fom the 'Ministry of Funny Walks'! I understand that the St John's ambulance must have been touting for business as they were with Jason before he hit the floor!!

Sunday July 31st: Captains' day report

Importantly I felt I should share the latest news from Peter Ware about John Cornish who we obviously wish a speedy recovery and look forward to seeing back on the green in the not too distant future:

At 10.00pm last night (Saturday), I had a call from Pam Cornish who was instructed by John, to let me know that he was feeling better, but staying in the BRI overnight. Apparently his blood pressure was a bit high, and they have also done several tests an a Xray. She said it definitely was not a heart attack, most likely it was due to dehydration. His daugter had been in to see him and had retrieved his car keys, and Mark, his son in law will be collecting John's car from the Green Sunday.

Our erstwhile roving reporter Kevin Logan reports on the Club Triples Final as follows:

''The Triples Final was a very closely fought match.  At the conclusion of end 16 both side were level but then on end 17 Gerry Wickhams team got a lead of 1 which they were able to retain and build on to finish the game 2 shots up. The winners were Gerry Wickham, George Dyer and John Crichard with Alan Cox, Ted Farrant and Howard West very capable runners-up.I think the final score was 16 -14''

We are indebted to George Dyer once again as he has prepared a montage from Captain's Day which you are invited to view as follows:








Club clothing

You will be aware that it was agreed that the following be in force for season 2010.

  • Men's coloured shirts to be worn for ALL league matches
  • Men's coloured shirts to be worn for ALL Club finals and ALL outside Competitions
  • Men's and Mixed friendlies to be white shirts (embroidered with logo and name if you so wish) and ties
  • Ladies coloured shirts for all League and friendly games
  • Ladies coloured shirts to be worn for ALL Club finals and ALL outside Competitions
  • Mixed friendlies to be as men i.e white tops (embroidered with logo and name if you so wish)

I do have a small supply of both mens and ladies coloured shirts available for purchase and they will be available on Monday 29th March signing-on night. There will also be an order sheet for those who require shirts for sizes not available.

It dioes take 6/8 weeks for receipt of any new orders so it is IMPERATIVE that you let me have any orders as soon as possible please so that any new shirts are available in good time.

If you have any personal items that you wish to be embroidered with the club logo and/or name please again let me know without delay, and this does include coloured shirts for names if required.

Tony Stone 

 Laws of the Sport - Changes for 2011

It was resolved that the new Laws of the Sport of Bowls Crystal Mark Second Edition would be adopted and implemented by everyone no later than 1st April 2011, and so will be in force for the 2011 outdoor season in England.

The two main changes affecting general play are:

· The winner of the previous end will deliver the jack and the first bowl on the next end, with the exception of an extra end when there will be a coin toss with the winner having the choice.

· The Skip will be responsible for keeping the scorecard in all forms of the game - pairs, triples and fours.

Tony Allcock said: “Bowls England had proposed that the law on ‘giving the jack away’ be changed in response to calls from many clubs and individual bowlers during the consultation process and is therefore delighted that this has now been approved.” Copies of the Laws of the Sport of Bowls Crystal Mark Second Edition will be available from Bowls England ahead of the 2011 season. 

Financial Resolutions

World Bowls Ltd had put forward a number of financial resolutions for consideration by all of its Member Nations. Tony Allcock explained: “I specifically outlined to World Bowls and all delegates the position of Bowls England, having due regard to the current financial climate and the difficulties facing our own member clubs. I also gave an indication of how Bowls England had implemented savings, and asked for careful consideration for a move from event operations to developing membership initiatives.” 

The following Financial Resolutions were discussed and voted upon:

Resolution 1: That the affiliation fee be increased from 28 pence per registered member to 35 pence per registered member per annum with immediate effect.

This Resolution was defeated, with Bowls England voting against. 

Resolution 1A: Should Resolution 1 not be approved, then the affiliation fee must be increased from 28 pence per registered member per annum to no less than 32 pence per registered member per annum with immediate effect increasing to 35 pence per registered member per annum for 2012.

Following a ballot, the result was 80-67 in favour of the ResolutionAll of the British Isles representatives, including Bowls England, voted against this Resolution alongside Bowls Australia. Please note that the increase in fees Bowls England now have to pay to World Bowls per Member from December 2010, will NOT affect the Bowls England Affiliation Fee of £5 that has already been confirmed for 2011. The proposed 2012 Fee will be notified at the EGM in November, but with all the savings that have been achieved within Bowls England in 2010, it is extremely unlikely that the Affiliation Fee will be increased in 2012. 

Resolution 2: That a minimum fee of £50 per annum per National Authority be introduced with immediate effect. This Resolution was resolved. Bowls England voted in favour of this Resolution.

Resolution 3: That the Board (of World Bowls) are authorised to increase the annual affiliation fee in line with the movement in the UK Consumer Price Index or by 2 pence whichever is the greater of the two, and that the regulations of World Bowls should be amended accordingly with immediate effect. This Resolution was defeated. Bowls England voted against this Resolution.

 Narrow Bias Bowls

With Bowls England receiving increased correspondence from members regarding the use of ‘narrow-bias’ bowls on outdoor greens, Tony Allcock also took the opportunity to raise the issue with World Bowls, who are the licensee of the Master Bowl against which all sets of bowls are tested. He explained: “The general feeling of bowlers in England, which is borne out by the amount of correspondence we receive on the issue, is that the use of minimal biased bowls on British bowling surfaces are having a devastating effect on both the skill levels and general art of participation. Our members do not feel these bowls are illegal, but the Master Bowl seems to allow straight running bowls to be authorised. I urged the Board of World Bowls to flag this as high priority and to issue a statement which can be distributed to those Member Nations who feel strongly about this and a number of delegates, and not just from the British Isles, applauded in support.” Tony concluded: “It is disappointing to report that Bowls England and its supporters democratically lost the vote in Resolution 1A. However, on the positive side, I believe in our actions regarding the Laws of the Sport, the Financial Resolutions and the use of narrow-bias bowls we have demonstrated that we are proactive members of our world body and have voiced our opinion regarding those issues that are of importance to those we represent.”



 Unfortunately Tony, Dave, Jim and Kevin French fell at the last fence this morning in their quest to win the Fours title at Bristol BC, against a Bristol four led by our 'old friend & foe', Jason Ovens. A good start saw us establish an early 3-0 lead, which sadly disappeared on one end when a four was conceded. However we moved into the sixth end with a 5-4 advantage only to slip well behind 5-15 by the end of the ninth. A strong rally then followed as we won six of the next nine ends, including a very welcome six, to narrow the gap to 18-21 with only three ends remaining, and still very much in touch. The game turned on the 19th end when a very unfortunate touch on the jack saw us concede a five, and the Bristol Four took the title on the penultimate end as once again the jack was moved for a further two shots to put the game out of reach. Congratulations to Bristol, worthy winners on the day, but also to our guys who did extremely well in reaching the Final and putting up a brave performance. Thanks must also go to our support with many friendly faces in the crowd, including Roger Plant, Gerry, Ted, Eric, Terry (Jim's Dad!), and Adrian who took time out of their day to be there and of course to Peter Ware in his role with the City & County. I must also mention Ted Farrant who appeared in the first two rounds of the competition and who was an essential part of the successful squad. The photo above is with thanks toPeter Ware and I must point out that the camera does lie and Kevin and myself are NOT holding hands